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God bless Kevin Taylor the crusader

Kevin Taylor Kevin Taylor

Tue, 22 Oct 2019 Source: Isaac Ato Mensah

“Mr Kevin Taylor”, writersghana.com says, “May God bless you abundantly.”

“Bold to defend forever the cause of freedom and of right,” these are some of the words of the Ghana National Anthem.

Kevin Taylor has been a lone crusader against the fraudulent Power Distribution Service (PDS) deal for several weeks now.

How many of us know that to be a crusader is to adopt the cross – a symbol of truth?

That is what it means, period.

Before Saturday’s midnight announcement of the cancellation of the PDS contract, the powers that be had created rival social media programmes which sought to portray him as a “paid” hireling; or even a thug.

Now we know who the paid hirelings are.

At least four of them are clearly identifiable based on facts.

One- graphic.com.gh: They sought to profile the men and women behind PDS as credible business people.

But as my mentor retorted, those people could not even cough up insurance guarantees and a cash deposit for “a sweet heart deal”.

Two- citinewsroom.com: “The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) was unhappy with the suspension, insisting the government of Ghana acted too hastily.” Really?

Three- myjoyonline.com: pro government, pro PDS raps and articles.

Four- Good Evening Ghana (Metro TV): Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko speaks in first ever interview since whenever plus numerous “infoeditorial /”infomercial editorial rants” sometimes interlaced with “prayerful” supplications.

Now the damage control is moving towards “criminal fraud versus civil fraud” – that civil fraud only vitiates a contract but does not lead to criminal charges.

As my mentor always insists in such circumstances: “Where is law enforcement?”

Are we not in a country where so called visa contractors are arrested by police or even those who default on private business loans?

Tell me, are we not?

In all of this we recall with sadness the dead and injured innocents of Manya Krobo who demonstrated against unjust electricity bills imposed on them by PDS.

And how can we forget the pitiful demagogues who sought to create ethnic discord?

This four year ballot box democracy has truly emboldened the politriKcians; their recklessness appears to know no bounds whatsoever. Interestingly, they have not threatened to sue anyone yet.

Alas the Ghanaian mainstream media is bought, sold, dead and buried – with its illfitted suits and frequent spewing of monologues of no depth, accuracy or coherence.

Look here, it is not Kevin Taylor’s job (nor is it the BBC’s while we are about it) to provide evidence for anything.

Educated and enlightened people know that role belongs to law enforcement especially when there are glaring irregularities to do with government money and regulations.

What is wrong with us in this country, can we not use common sense?

Yet again, we are waiting for law enforcement; they should surprise us by waking up.

God Bless Kevin Taylor.

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Columnist: Isaac Ato Mensah