Abodam! Sad Time For Mad Time

Fri, 19 Dec 2014 Source: Shaban, Abdur Rahman Alfa

The Sight Of A Rather Sullen, Somber And Uncharacteristically Calm Guy Dressed In Suit, Handcuffed And Being Led Into A Police Van With Officers In Tow.

Now; When This Description Is Got To Do With A Big Showbiz Personality, A Direct Conclusion/Assumption Could Be That It Is A Music Video Shoot. But This Isn't In The Case Of One Of Ghana's Biggest Stars.

Kwaw Kese Remains Behind Bars After Failing To Get Bail On Three Separate Attempts. Meanwhile, He Has Been To The Hospital And Back To Jail. It Is Indeed A Sad Time For His Fans And Business Associates.

Not Even For One's Enemies Should You Wish For Two Things: Prison And Hospital Are Two Very Difficult Places A Person Can Find Him/Herself. But That Is What Happens When A Person Is Held By Ill Health And Or By The Law.

But For Showbiz, Hardly Would Anyone Claim 'Madness' For Himself And Claim So, So Much So That He Is Accepted As Being Mad And He Couches And Ingrains In The Minds Of The Wider Population A Fisted Hand Hitting The Ear Lobes As A Signature.

So Is The Story Told Of How Kwaw Kese Took To Indiscriminate

Smoking Of Banned Substances In The Ashanti Region Before He Was Picked Up By Police. The Rest Is What We Are Witnessing Now, With The Accused Likely To Spend A Busy Buzzing And Money Making Part Of The Year On The Low.

Counting The Losses

Even If Kwaw Is Released Today, The Psychological Stain And Pain Of This Would Take A While To Heal. And Thus One Wonders If He Can Realistically Do Any Significant Shows In This 'Show Season.'

Those Are Losses That Kwaw And His Managers Would Rue Bitterly Even As They Express Full Confidence In The Legal System. And One Wonders Which Event Organizer Would Go Ahead Advertising An Artiste They Are Not Sure Of. Sad.

All Of This Has Come About Because Kwaw Chose To Huff And Puff A Roll In An Area That Was Not Sanctioned By Law.

These Artistes Have More Often Than Not Gotten Away With Openly 'Advertising' Drugs And Alcohol In Their Music Videos. As For Their Notoriety With Showing Sensitive Parts Of Their Seductively Disgusting Females Dancers, The Least Said, The Better.

I See It As A Case Of Impunity Gone Horribly Bad. In Any Case, I Choose To Look At Possible Permutations Of What Happens If Kwaw Is Released Whether On Bail Or After Serving Time.

That He Would Release A Track About The Lessons He Learnt From This Chapter, That He Becomes An Anti – Drug Smoking Campaigner, That He Quits Showbiz And Turns To Gospel Music. Mouthwatering Propositions If You As Me. But Of Course; He May Become 'Madder' Too.

The Lessons From Kwaw's Test Is There For All To See, That Law Is Law And Woe Betides You If You Fall Foul Of It. Your Fame, Money And Stature Would Be Set Aside And It Would Be A Sad Time As It Is Today For Kwaw And His Label 'Mad Time.'


Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

Columnist: Shaban, Abdur Rahman Alfa