Ghana’s Independence Was A Mistake!!!

Sat, 10 Sep 2011 Source: The Emperor

In 2008, Americans, both Black and White, did the unthinkable. They made history together! For the first time since her inception, America elected a Black Pharaoh. Though, the presidential campaign was financed by the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc, a Jewish owned international investment bank. To tell the truth, I cried on that day. The remembrance of slavery, the Middle Passage, the civil rights movement in the Sixties, and the great sacrifices made was too much for me to bear. Also, on that particular day, Martin Luther King, Jr's famous speech came into mind. I was overwhelmed by it, to say the least. Remember, this was his dream. A dream, which he paid for with his precious life! Contrary to popular belief, Obama's presidential victory, albeit unprecedented, wasn't the fulfillment of Martin's dream. No! To me, that dream has yet to come to fruition. America has a long way to go with her race issues in that respect!

That said, Obama's victory meant one thing and one thing only. Change! Mind you, George Bush, Jr's presidency was a major catastrophe. A failure! He left America with two illegal wars, which were based on lies and deceit, a country heavily indebted, and an economy in recession. To put it simply, he made a mess, just like his father, George Bush, Sr--another war criminal from the Reagan era. For sure, America needed someone who would clean up after Bush. Hilary Clinton was an option worth considering. No doubt! However, Americans wanted change from the usual. They made that change happen by voting for Barack Obama, a Black man! Right there and then, history was made. Less than a year from now, Ghanaians would be heading to the polls to vote. As usual, it would be a contest between the ruling and the opposition party. The two political parties, which have been ruling Ghana for nearly two decades without results. After the polls, one of them will come out the victor, but nothing would change. The record has shown!

Ghana is a country, which could build state-of-the-art hospitals for her citizens. We could set up a social security service for the unemployed and our low income families. We could create employment for the masses. Upgrading our decrepit education system and building affordable houses shouldn’t be hard to do. However, under the ruling and the opposition party, which had eight years each to rule, none of the aforementioned endeavors were pursued, mush less realized. By now, an address system, which almost every country in the West happens to have, should've been in the works. It's feasible! As yet, no steps have been taken towards this direction. At least, not to my knowledge. Importing less so that we could create more ourselves should've been the aim. Sadly, this idea was left unattended, amongst others. Our gross national income, which should've been used to invest in domestication, was never given a thought. As a result, Ghana’s economy has become more import centred than export centred. Western and Chinese manufactured products rule supreme in Ghana. What a shame!

In fact, over the past thirty-one years, the majority of Ghanaians have been suffering in silence. Their lives continue to retrogress! The rich have been getting richer at the expense of the poor. The poor, on the other hand, have only been getting poorer. As far as the cost of living is concerned, the less said, the better. It keeps increasing by the day to the detriment of the have-nots! Unfortunately, unnecessary poverty has become the fate of many. In fact, had it not been for the inflow of remittances into Ghana, Ghana’s condition would’ve been dire. Now, the question is; what became of Ghana’s immense wealth? Why isn’t it circulating in favor of all? What’s the problem? If the Europeans could give their people the best of life with what they’ve got, then, why can’t we do the same? Is it wickedness or self-hatred? What sets us apart in this respect? Aren’t we human beings?

This is 2011! By now, we Africans should’ve figured it out, but no. White people are still carrying us on their backs! As consequence, we don’t mean nothing to them. Perhaps, Dr Kwame Nkrumah made a mistake, when he opted for self-rule. Perhaps, he should’ve opted for co-governance with the British. Co-governance would’ve saved this country from its current predicament and shame! By now, Ghana would’ve been a developed country. In fact, this is what a good friend of mine told me ages ago. She gave South Africa as an example. “If the Whites move out from South Africa, the country will surely fall apart. The Blacks will mess it up so bad! They will make a ghetto out of it,” she told me. Back then, I faulted her. I couldn’t subscribe to her point of view. I thought that she was in the wrong! Now, I do know better. She was in the right all along. Our independence was a terrible mistake! Judge the state of our nation for yourself. Fifty-four years of self-rule! And, what do we have to show for? Nothing but a messed up country with PhD-holders aplenty! As for we Africans, God is watching. Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected.

Welcome 2 the New age of consciousness!

Source: The Emperor

Columnist: The Emperor