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Goron Tula lures Ghanaians back to the local natural aphrodisiac market

Goron Tula.png Enormous sexual health benefits can be enjoyed from consuming the apple snot

Thu, 15 Apr 2021 Source: GNA

For quite a while, Belinda had been perceiving clues and ideas to conclude that her husband had either lost interest in their sex life or started seeing another lady. It had been three weeks and five days since they last took a trip to pound town, and it got her thinking, that morning on her way to drop the kids off at school.

Still, in contemplation, Belinda thought about taking matters into her own hands; getting some of the many aphrodisiacs advertised on Television and radio for her husband. The last time she turned into an adult radio talk show, all the panellists concluded that sex-enhancing drugs had come to stay and that women could also help their men when the going gets soft.

She passed by the local pharmacy but was not bold enough to ask for Viagra. She then thought of a family acquaintance. After dropping off her children at school, she drove straight to meet the old lady who is famed for her knowledge in aphrodisiacs. Having narrated her ordeal to her, the latter picked up a silky dark brown fruit and called it “the Miracle fruit”.

The popularity of the apple snot, locally known as Goron Tula, has spread quite rapidly in the last couple of years. This owes largely to the fact that prior to a few years back, people did not really know of the sexual health benefits that can be enjoyed from consuming the apple snot.

Madam Comfort Osei, a herb seller at the Kasoa market says, “the fruit has been on sale in markets for years but was relatively obscure until quite recently”. As a result of the apple snot’s newfound popularity, and like every other commodity in any market, its selling price has shot up quite dramatically, towing the line of its demand. For instance, in 2018, three pieces of it were sold at GHS 2.00. Whereas presently, in 2021, the same three pieces are being sold for GHS 10.00.

The “miracle fruit” as it is popularly called, has earned this name because of its versatility; it can be consumed as food and for medicinal purposes.

The miracle fruit can be used as an additive to spice up and sweeten food, especially porridges. As a medicine, on the other hand, it Is used to treat or manage at least twenty-two human diseases and ailments. These illnesses range from bowel restrictions to asthma, high blood pressure, and low blood sugar.

The fruit is also known to be highly advantageous to women’s sexual health, in that, it induces wetness in women and promotes fertility.

Another advantage of Goron Tula is that it boosts the libido of people who have lost their sex drive. This advantage of the fruit has earned it the nickname “saver of marriages”. In favour of the apple snot, people have largely turned away from synthetic and other harsh drugs for sex boost as they are rather unhealthy.

Kayan Mata, which is another name given to Goron Tula and other sex-enhancing drugs, and directly translates to “things for women” in the Hausa language, is quite easily accessible. It is usually sold among such items as bitter cola, tiger nuts, and dates

Adwoa Shugah, a social media promoter, says that the fruit is now crushed into syrups. She informed that the syrups are sold for 150gh and above, depending on the size of container. The manufacturers add other spices and herbs like ginger, cloves and honey to produce the syrup which comes in a thick, brown stretchy slimy form. The syrup is then administered either orally, or vaginally, depending on one’s expectation.

As the saying goes, too much of everything is bad, the apple snot is not an exception to this rule. This fruit, when overdosed on, can change the menstrual cycle of its consumer due to the presence of antioxidants, which are responsible for cleansing the body. An overdose ranges from the consumption of five or more pieces of the fruit, depending on the individual’s system.

Though it is known as a fertility booster, overuse of this fruit during pregnancy can be disastrous to the health of the mother and the unborn child. According to a research done by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the fruit is made of different chemical compounds such as Tannin, Saponin, Alkanoids, Flavonoids, Phenois, cyanogenic glucosides and Carotenoids. These chemicals, when examined individually have adverse effects on the body of the mother and child.

When introduced into the bloodstream of the mother, it can induce harm. The tannin reduces absorption of dietary iron, which is very relevant to the health of the mother and child, and Alkaloids can disrupt foetal blood supply which can eventually lead to foetal damage or death. A pregnant woman can consume but one or two should be the most.

Mrs. Belinda Amoah, a mother and wife, who had earlier been feeling downcast because of her husband’s inability to please her in bed before the apple snot came into her life, had the most pleasant things to say about the apple snot to the GNA; “I was feeling so lonely and helpless because I thought that my marriage falling apart. My husband just suddenly lost interest in sex. And then I went to Maame Conny who introduced me to Goron Tula and now, it even feels like my husband and I are newlyweds.”

She was last seen shopping at the Kasoa Market to prepare dinner. The clouds were thickening. She knows her home was now warm enough to forget the rain which brings along cold and loneliness.

Columnist: GNA