Governance is not Just "Edey Bee Keke" but…

Thu, 7 Mar 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Is it any wonder therefore that President Mahama and his NDC government cannot make heads or tails of the intricacies involved in governing Ghana? He thought it suffices to market one's candidacy to the electorates to be elected and then that is it. He embarked on a nationwide electioneering campaign with only a populist slogan of "Edey Bee Keke". He further manipulatively endeavoured to sell himself to the northerners by a foul-smelling tribalism message of, "I am a northerner so please vote for me. It is the turn of a northerner to be the leader of Ghana".

Did his attempts go down well with Ghanaians? I am afraid not. However, he managed to connive with the Chairman of the Electoral Commission to rig the elections for him, according as a petition lodged with the Supreme Court alleges or indicates.

There is the prevalence of excruciating socio-economic hardships confronting almost every Ghanaian presently. A few privileged but corrupt NDC people both inside and outside government are just about those enjoying and applauding the Mahama/Amissah-Arthur-led administration. The recently callously implemented price hikes in petrol and utility bills is a vivid indication that it does not take every Tom, Dick and Harry campaigning on nonsensical slogan of "Edey Bee Keke" to manage the affairs of a nation. The President is struggling, but still unable to make sense of his illegitimate mandate to rule Ghana.

The President and his array of NDC fanatics thought they could simply run a nation on whimsical slogans e.g. "Edey Bee Keke". Did Ghanaians understand his slogan very well before those who voted for him did cast their votes? No, they got it all wrong. He was simply telling them he could not do the job but had come to squander the money - "Bedii bi keke"

It is just unfortunate that some unsuspecting Ghanaians fell for the vague but treacherous "Edey Bee Keke" slogan spearheaded by the political novice, John Mahama, and other likeminded NDC socio-economic saboteurs.

I will not in any day gloat over Ghanaians paying a heavy price for ignorantly voting for John Mahama and the NDC. I will never either say, it serves them right the hardships they are going through because they already knew how mediocre, incompetent and corrupt the NDC with John Mahama are but went ahead to vote for them. I will rather pity them since they did not actually vote in their large numbers for NDC and John Mahama as has wrongly been declared by Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan.

The NDC and John Mahama with the tacit support and connivance with the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, rigged the election 2012.

John Mahama shamelessly went on the attack. He spearheaded an obnoxious tribalistic political campaign never seen in the history of Ghana. As said, he was calling on all those with northern descent, and in the north, to vote for him. He said, he was not only one of their own but also, the time has come for a northerner to rule Ghana hence, his highly objectionable "Edey Bee Keke" slogan.

Even though he was not ordained to rule, the fact that he is a northerner, he believes he has to become the President at all costs. This explains why he depleted the coffers of the nation thinking it was his prerogative to spend whatever money the nation has in order for him to win election 2012.

Does the fact of his claim that the presidential turn of the Northerners has come explain the dominance of northerners in his government regardless of the demerits of most of them? Have Ghanaians realised how utterly stupid we can be if we are hooked on empty political slogans to cast our votes?

I am today telling John Dramani Mahama that he was not born to rule. Society has neither genuinely made him a leader. He has rigged the elections hence, his difficulty of telling his right from his left. He has completely lost his political directional bearings. He is suffering confusion galore amid "Edey Bee Keke"

Finally, governance is about being deft and knowing the art of governing. You have to be dedicated, compassionate, dynamic and a person of integrity with the political, economic and social knowhow to rule or to serve the governed.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson