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NPP Has No Future For Ghana

NPP Has No Future For Ghana

Mon, 18 Apr 2011 Source: Atubiga, Alhaji Alex

Reflecting on the state of our nation, Ghana, today I would like to applaud the NDC for their hard work in steering the nation in a direction that spells prospects for a very bright future. Recent assessments indicate that inflation is down, job creation is on the rise and the nation is much more secure than previously.

This shift in gear is quite contrary to the accomplishments of the NPP during their time in office. In fact, the NPP leadership looking back, should be wearing the crown of guilt and shame today at the type of leadership they provided when they had control of the country a few years back. Actually, I believe they owe the country an apology.

The fact cannot be overstated that, under the NPP regime with Kufour and Aliu at the helm of affairs, more Ghanaians died than during any revolution or government in the history of Ghana. Hundreds of people died at the Accra sports Stadium, amidst reports of rampant shooting by Police officers. A whole party Chairman was killed in cold blood with no one held accountable. A traditional chief and 40 of his Elders were murdered in cold blood with complacency. Lots of people died in Bawku particularly. These are to mention but a few of the events that come to my mind as evidence of the reign of corruption, terror and gross incompetence such as was displayed by the NPP.

Corruption, drug use, abuse and under-dealings took roots in the fabric of our social and economic life during their time in office. The NDC on the other hand is fervently battling these evils in our society in a bid to restore the dignity and integrity of Ghana to a much more prominent status in the eyes of the international community. This we all realize is an essential ingredient for advancement in today’s world, driven by a global economy.

Aliu Mahama was recently reported to be fuming over government giving contracts to Chinese companies. What in the world is wrong with Aliu? Has he forgotten so soon he and his boss gave most of Ghana’s contracts to the Chinese for kickbacks? I challenge Aliu to come out and tell Ghanaians, and any northerner for that matter, who he has helped in securing a contract in Ghana. After looting the country with his NPP companions and destabilizing the northern region, he is now comfortably living in his mansion at Brong Ahafo eating fermented TZ, with soup of his choice and allowing his words to precede his rational and objective analysis of issues, as it is often said “speaking without thinking.”

And the touch bearer of the NPP party, the prospect to bid for the presidential post in the next election, is no ray of hope for the nation. Nana Akufo Addo has promised to continue where Kufour left off. Is Addo going to sell more off our lands to NPP members and judges? Is Addo going to spend millions of dollars on blinks (jewelry) to reward NPP members and cronies for looting and wrecking the Nation? Is Akufo Addo going to encourage more chiefs or Kings who do not support or patronize the NPP to be beheaded as they did in Tamale? Will he hand over party chairmen of other parties, to the NPP military sympathizers to kill, just as they did to Mobilla in Tamale? Will nepotism, tribalism and corruption reign in the nation as did prevail during the NPP eight years in office, chopping “Waa Waa Waa Waaaaaaaaaa? Our answer should obviously be. NO

This is why I sincerely urge all Ghanaians reject Akufo Addo and the NPP in the next elections but to choose the NDC, in the interest of honesty, transparency, development and accountability.

Alhaji Stephen Atubiga, Patron, NDC Virginia

Columnist: Atubiga, Alhaji Alex