Governments Can Manipulate The Judiciary

Tue, 17 Sep 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

And Buy The Media But Not Public Opinion

The UNJUST WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER has created a situation where we have over 150million peoples ON THE MOVE in search of better life and some 20million people have settled PERMANENTLY in Europe and most of them ARE MORE WESTERNIZED THAN THE WESTERNERS THEMSELVES. Political oppression have taken place in the worst form during the 2008 electons. From 1992 to date, we have seen in our country before the spectacle of people banding together IN POLITICS to prevent GOOD GOVERNANCE for every call from the Rawlings government between 1992 – 2000 for unity the NPP would also make an opposing call to the same people NOT TO RALLY ROUND THE GOVERNMENT and they tried unsuccessfully to make that negative behavior be seen as THE NORMAL PATTERN OF POLITICS. Therefore, in a more organized level of HIGH MALICE we have seen in our country since 1992 how some vengeful politicians from the Danquah/Busia tradition represented by the NPP have united strongly to make the country ungovernable when ever they lose general elections in Ghana.

When the NPP finally won the elections in Dec. 2000 and formed a government in 2001, the stability of the nation was threatened by the Asante/Akyem dominated cabinet of President Kufour whose main agenda was to assassinate former President Rawlings and also jail his wife and illegally imprison all former ministers who worked under Rawlings between 1992-2000 as well as all leading members of the NDC for 8 years where Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings had to walk to and from the court for no offence committed against the state – how sad it was. the NPP government had wanted to destroy the NDC entirely and form a ONE PARTY STATE IN GHANA BUT FAILED WOEFULLY.


They are people whose orientation is totally towards the British judiciary system which they falsely believe serves the purpose of the ordinary man in the street.

It really did not, and still does not. It rather serves the purpose of the ELITE which has always been part and parcel of the British Colonial administrative structure. That was and is still the main reason why the RICH NEVER WENT TO JAIL in Ghana here. In short, the GBA is an indirect political wing of the violent prone NPP and they helped that government to manipulate the judiciary and succeeded in buying both the PRINT and ELECTRONIC MEDIA for 8 solid years under Kufour’s NPP administration. Therefore, a strange myth has been allowed to gain credibility in this country for the second time it is time to call these tribal bigots in the NPP to order and stop them at once.

The NPP government took care of the business interests of the media houses, and by so doing, the Press could not be sensational, critical or objective between 2001-2008. Some news paper editors were even on the pay roll of some companies that sponsors NPP and they cashed in ¢100 million cedis each mouth for 8 years. One of the editors was given a Blue VW Passat for free by the NPP government. Another group of Journalists who conveyed the NPP’s negative election campaign were rewarded with Ambassadorial and District Chief Executive positions.

Furthermore, most leading members of the Ghana Journalists Association were given expensive and were well careful for by the NPP government. Many of them compromised on the ethics of the profession and kept their mouths shut, plugged their ears and closed their eyes on important issues the public needed to be informed. Instead of promoting DEMOCRACY by being fair, the Press in Ghana was extremely biased against the NDC then in opposition between 2001 – 2008.

Despite, a change in government, those anti-NDC newspapers and radio stations are still anti-NDC and for that matter, the NPP. Now, having helped the NPP (then in opposition) to condemn the ruling NDC in 2000 and portrayed the NPP as an alternative, they now find it very difficult to criticize their chosen party which they described as a media friendly government. State owned buses and coaches were plastered with bold advertisement of the then ruling NPP government development projects dubbed. Ghana Then, and Now. It would be recalled that Nana Akuffo Addo, the Presidential Candidate of the NPP resigned as Foreign Minister in August 2007 to concentrate on his presidential campaign. It was not until 8th February 2009 that he returned two of the state owned cars that had been assigned to him when he was the Foreign Minister.


Having manipulated the judiciary with the assistance of the Ghana Bar Association which was completely indifferent and having bought 98% of the Print and Electronic media for 8years it became extremely difficult for the NPP government to MANIPULATE, or BUY PUBLIC OPINION from 2001 – 2008 and the Ghanaian people voted massively against them in 2008 and 2012 and the NPP became shocked to their marrow. How could Nana Akuffo Addo count on the Tainted Legacy of President Kufour for all those 8years of political harassments intolerance, vengeance and arrogance and expect Ghanaians to Vote back the NPP to power to continue messing up the country? The general public were watching every step taken by Kufour’s Asante/Akyem dominated government with eagle eyes and the defeat of the NPP showed that lies put up as propaganda remain lies no matter the political persuasion of the liar. The public are watching the NDC government closely under President Mahama too. PUBLIC OPINION IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY GOVERNMENT. It will be recalled that Dr. Busia was affectionately called the Best University Scholar In Africa –But once he was “elected” as Prime Minister in the second Republic in 1969. He believed in the rule of man instead of the rule of law – he resorted to jungle law and was re-named.

The Best University Simpleton In Africa Is anybody Listening? I am done, “Jaanbie Iwaii” - “Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement