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Grand Theft of a Beloved Nation: EO Group's $305M Payoff

Thu, 2 Jun 2011 Source: Fela O Fela

(original title: Ao, Yesu Kristo...Kuffour's Gang of Thieves (EO Group) Loot Taxpayers' $305 million!!)

Kume Preku... Just Kume Preku sisia....killy me one-time, I don't want to live no more... Kaiii.

What is this that I'm reading:

[Tullow Oil agreed to buy the offshore Ghanaian interests of EO Group Limited for $305 million in cash and shares, increasing its stake in West Africa’s biggest oil discovery in a decade.

The acquisition will boost Tullow’s interest in the West Cape Three Points license by 3.5 percentage points to 26.4 percent, and the Jubilee oilfield by 1.75 percentage points to 36.5 percent, according to a statement issued by the company yesterday.] souce: Daily Guide.

So, let me get this straight... even before the Government of Ghana and the good people of Ghana could realize their first $100 million from the years upon years and billions of dollars invested in GNPC and its oil prospects, these kukrudu thieves are making away with a whopping "Three Hundred and Five Million American Dollarseee!!"

Ao, Ao , Ao.....Agyeiiiiii....Agyeiiiiii .....Agyeiiiiii!!!

Are we going or are we coming o....???

Are we moving forward or are we moving backwards o?

[How] can a sitting ambassador (Edusei) get some 5% of what is approximately 15 billion dollar enterprise that Tsatsu Tsikata and JJ has sacrificed so much for (thru GNPC) just for these NPP criminals to come looting away all of the tax payers' gains just like that?

Does it occur to anyone that Kuffour's sakawa front company, the EO Group, did not even invest any money --not even a single pesewa --into the oil exploratory deal of Jubilee Field, yet they are commanding a cooool $305 million through their shady dealings, leaving the poor people of Ghana at the mercy of the hot, hot, hot (scorching) African sun? How, How, How??

While NPP functionaries today enjoy the courtesy of "special invitations" to the BNI office to answer questions of their numerous financial misappropriation, outright theft and embezzlements, it would be remembered how Kuffour and his Abongo police forces (mostly of Akan denomination) and the Justice Abban-led kangaroo courts chased the poor and selfless Tsatsu Tsikata even to to the extent of disrupting a solemn Sunday church service just to persecute ( damn near execute) the man for investing a mere $230,000 into a cocoa plantation (Ghana's top foreign exchange earner) all in the effort to generate additional income to support GNPC's oil exploratory or geological/seismic data collecting activities.

They succeeded in incarcerating the asthma-embattling prominent citizen (who creating multiple multi-billion dollar corporations for the state --GNPC, Ecobank, Westel/Zain/Airtel) by abruptly pronouncing judgment on him in the absence of his legal counsel on a day that the case was not even scheduled for hearing, just because the man showed up in court to check/verify his next court date...just imagine???

So after jailing Tsatsu, perhaps the most prominent and illustrious civil servant of our generation, for his relentless efforts in bring to reality or manifest Ghana's oil prospects, they themselves are now laughing out loud, "ha ha ha ha" ... and dancing their special kangaroo dance allll the way to their offshore banks....kaiii betureeee!!

So, what if every sitting ambassador, managing director, minister, board chairman, president, shadow president and all the authorities that be, all of whom are catered for through the endless sweats of the poor people of Ghana just to manage the affairs of the state brazenly apportion themselves five to ten percent of every deal that they are sponsored by the state to make on behalf of the state, what would become of this under-developed nation of ours o....??

Ewurade Kasa Kasa Kasa...!!!

Chinekey Meyyy.... JJ, San Bra O!!!

While Nigerians are trying to emulate JJ Rawlings' anti-corruption legacy in order to move their country forward, John Agyekum "Kofi Diawu" Kuffour and his Non Patriotic Peoples party are rather trying to institutionalize the vile and systemic corruption that Nigerians are trying to get away from in our beloved Ghana o!! Ewurade Nyankupon !!

Oh Africa, Until When o, until when, ...eh???

Until when shall we realize the fact that these neo-colonialists and kukrudu kalabulefuo are more dangerous to our national development than their white counterparts o, eh?

By the way, whatever happen to the court case of The Repuplic of Ghana Vs. Edusei, Owusu, and the EO Group?

They say, they say....the wheel of justice grinds slow; but Uncre Atta's and his New NDC cum Fakye Nyame Wheel of Justice grinds so terriblyyyy sloooowww, it's not grinding at ALLLLL o!!!! (...I'm sorry to say).

The criminals are getting away o......Ao, Ao, Ao.....Agyeiiiiii, Agyeiiiiii, Agyeiiiiii....

Let's take a look at what $305 million can do for the poor taxpayers of Ghana:

$305 million can transform Korle Bu Teaching Hospital into a state-of-the-art healthcare facility of international standard (....so that if any of these NPP politicians fall sick, they wouldn't have to be flown to South Africa, United Kingdom, or America o.)

$305 million can easily complete the dual carriage highway from Accra to Kumasi --even to Tamale (...so that when these NPP oseikroma-politicians are traveling from Accra to their villages to show-off at or grace the next funeral or Akwasidae celebration, they would not live in perpetual fear of getting struck by a tipper truck or where a simple "overtaking" would be a matter of life and death o).

$305 million can be used to extensively put a nice asphalt coating on at least a third of the roads in the nation's capital....so that they enjoy their "van glorious" ala braggadocious joy rides in their half a million dollar drop-top Bentleys and Rolls Royce Phantoms, eh? Aren't they tired of dodging those ubiquitous potholes, haba?

$305 million can afford us about ten decent bridges over the major waterways ( ...so that people traveling from a place like Kete Krachi, in the northern Volta Region, would not have to travel five to eight hours southwards to Accra, just to embark on another nine hours northwards to destination that was just a stone-throw across the Volta Lake in the first place.)

$305 million can build a state of the art research library in every regional capital or major town in Ghana, eh?

Last, but not least, $305 million can fund an ambulance or emergency response system with hundreds of Emergency Medical Transport vehicles in addition to multiple helicopters all over the country (...so that accident victims would not have to be packed like sardines into small-small taxis as they fight for their dear lives.)


Hmmmm, my heart bleeds for Mother Ghana....How about you?


(Fela O Fela)

Columnist: Fela O Fela