Greedy Komla Agbdli Gbedemah and his rascal side-kick Kofi Abrefa Busia!

Tue, 24 Jan 2017 Source: Lungu, Prof.

As we've said more than once, it is important that all critically-minded Ghanaians move beyond coup-plotter narratives and examine actual official records related to the CPP government under Kwame Nkrumah. And, whatever you find during your search, you ought to humbly consider the idea that anything negative is never a reflection on any group of people, but rather, a poor and sad reflection on the individuals at the center of the stories they created, managed, and massaged for their own selfish purposes.

By this historic and DEFINITIVE essay, major gaps in the knowledge and political history of Ghana up to 1964 at bottom of the subversion of Kwame Nkrumah's CPP government that eventually resulted in the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah two (2) years later, heretofore never revealed, are laid to eternal rest.

At the center of the essay today are Komla Agbdli Gbedemah and rascal Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia.

This incredulous, fact-based essay actually provides records of dates, personalities, locations, purposes, and exact amounts of money stolen, transferred, paid, by whom to whom. Even more significantly, the reader learns the reasons the British and American governments, in the "persons" of their powerful and professional spying agencies, used Komla Agbdli Gbedemah and Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia as assets to subvert the independence of Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana, to bring down Kwame Nkrumah, to achieve goals in their own national interests unbeknownst to Ghanaians, then, and even now, and why. (When the essay ends, Komla Gbedemah and Kofi Abrefa Busia have absconded Ghana).


"THE TRUTH ABOUT KOMLA GBEDEMAH BY A NON-GHANAIAN INTELLECTUAL" was published in 1964 and obtained recently through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, among other records, in the United States. The article will be published in its entirety on this and other Africa-interest media, to include www.GhanaHero.Com, where the essay will be posted following its publication in the parts.




"Komla Gbedemah, former Finance Minister, (then) at large (in 1964), embezzled a total of £10,000,000, of public funds during his term of office.

As an agent of the American Central Intelligence Agency, Gbedemah planned for the launching of a coup d'etat with Busia's defunct United Party and has been in link with reactionary elements outside Ghana.

A pamphlet first published in French and translated into English makes these and many more startling revelations. The name of the writer, a non-Ghanaian intellectual, has been kept secret for security reasons.

National revolutions are like ocean storms. They throw up towering waves with snowy crests.

These are the true revolutionaries, sincere patriots and historic leaders, such as Nasser, Ben Bella and Nkrumah. But they also bring to the surface dirt and debris which a calm sea conceals. These are the flotsam and jetsam of human society, people without ideals or principles, whose only interest in the revolutions is to satisfy their ambition, thirst for power and greed for wealth.

More often than not, they end in complete moral debacle and betrayal of the ideals of their people which are alien to them. Unfortunately, like all flotsam and jetsam, they do not sink at once.

These people are very dangerous because they are difficult to expose.

A man's head is not a pawpaw fruit.

One cannot break it to see the thoughts inside it.

And such people hide their thoughts behind the front of lofty words. They, more than others shout about freedom, indepen-dence, the well-being of the people and even the struggle against colonialism. In words they defend socialism while in deeds they are out to consoli-date the positions of reaction, and strengthen their personal well-being. They never act in the open. Once they are exposed, they flee abroad, where they throw off the mask: they send agents to their country, hatch plots, and commit other acts of terrorism. And all that for money and power, for power and money.

This pamphlet deals with one of such traitors to the national cause.


He has simple and charming manners and can win friends amongst whoever he talks to by his ability to listen very attentively without inter-rupting his interlocutor or forcing on the latter his own opinions. When you meet him for the first time you gain an impression that Mr. Gbedemah is a frank person with gentle manners, with almost correct features, and an upright bearing. Only an experienced and attentive eye will see that for a modicum of time his face suddenly changes and cunning and treachery, evil and contempt run through it. But that only for a fraction of a second and then again-the sweet smile, politeness and even kindness emanate from this man who has become the leader of the plot against the Republic of Ghana.


Gbedemah has never been marked for any mental ability.

From early childhood he had been imbibing the odour medicines and heard pharma-ceutical talk (his father was an apothecary in Nigeria). However, Komla Agbdli Gbedemah failed at the entrance examination at a medical school where he tried to go after graduating from the Achimota College. So he chose the field less complicated than science.

He founded a candy factory with the assistance of his father. He was far more successful in this field. However, the rising profits whetted the appetite of the young capitalist and he felt a longing for big business. After establishing contacts with business circles he went with their help into lumber trade and railway shipments in the Gold Coast.

Gbedemah did not lack political feeling. When the nationalist movement at the Gold Coast became stronger Gbedemah understood that this movement could be used for his own purpose.

By the time Dr. Nkrumah arrived in Accra in December, 1947, Gbedemah was already an active member of the youth movement and a trusted man amongst the nationalists. It was extremely import-ant for him to become a ""trusted man "" since this is a basis for any shameless career-seeker and grabber. Rather by feeling than by understanding Gbedemah realised that Nkrumah was the most probable premier of the Gold Coast, and he went out of his way to become close to him.

He was very helpful in establishing the Accra Evening News paper, arranged meetings of the nationalist youth in his flat and even supported Nkrumah when the latter criticised the indecisive conduct of the leaders of the United Gold Coast Convention, and founded instead the Convention People's Party.

In the new Party Gbedemah became a member of the Central Committee and later the Party's Vice-Chairman.

The future seemed so bright to Gbedemah that he sold his business and invested quite a tidy sum in one of the Geneva banks. He saw himself as at least holding the post of Vice-Premier in the future government of the Gold Coast and began to look for contacts among British representatives drop-ping very transparent hints to the effect that quite soon they might be dealing with him as a member of the future Cabinet and a man who is a smooth operator in every respect.


The British are good experts at planting their agents' in the governments of other countries.........//....".


To be continued.....


FOIB - Freedom of Information Bill (FOIB/FOI/Ghana), Ask for it! (http://ghanahero.com/FOIB.html).

SUBJ: Greedy Komla Agbdli Gbedemah and his rascal side-kick Kofi Abrefa Busia!, re-post of "THE TRUTH ABOUT KOMLA GBEDEMAH BY A NON-GHANAIAN INTELLECTUAL", and commentary by Prof Lungu.

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