Mr. President: “still sitting on your throne?”

Wed, 19 Feb 2014 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

By: Stephen A. Quaye.

A fifty five year old man looking for job in order to live a responsible life landed a job in a manufacturing company.

Luckily, this man was asked work at the production plant section where a lot of heavy load lifting’s were done as part of the job.

Lifting of heavy loads at the plant started to have a serious effect on his health as he started to complain of inflammatory body pains almost every working day.

So this new worker formed a plan to ease the pressure bearing whiles at work as well as the pain he sustains in his body during the days at work.

He was successful in coming out with a plan where whenever the pressure becomes unbearable for him, he will excuse his supporting partner to go to the washroom and take some time to cool off.

This negative practice at the work place became rampant that supervisors taking note of visit to the washroom decided to investigate him.

The supervisor only did not realize that he was slacking off but came out with the findings through the investigation that he only went to the washroom to sit on the toilet bowl. This he does pretending to be emptying his belly but play with his balls and his phone which affected production time seriously.

One day, the supervisor went into the wash room few minutes after the worker has gone to sit on the toilet bowl.

Supervisor peeped through a hole and lo and behold, the worker was caught playing with his balls whiles texting his girl friends.

Unknowing to this worker, the next day, the supervisor saw him again going to the washroom and asked,” are you going to sit on your throne?

“Please do not keep long playing with balls because I have a lot of work for you to do for me okay” the supervisor sounded a warning to the slacker.

Having realized that the supervisor noticed his wrong doings, the worker did not just stop slacking off but quickly changed from that bad attitude, faced reality and production improved at his section which he received an award for that.

The point here is that the president has been globetrotting too much leaving his executive duties unattended to therefore worsening the plight of Ghanaians as far as the “Better Ghana Agenda” to improve life is concern.

The traveling has been too much that even on November 5, 2013, on Ghanaweb, Al Haj newspaper looked at the issue critically where ministers and government agency workers compete with each other of number of foreign trips one undertakes comparatively to the president.

On February 12, 2014, Joy F.M. reported that president Mahamah was traveling to London to attend an HIV/AIDS conference. Couldn’t he delegate his vice president or one of his “zombies” at the seat of government in Osu Castle to represent him whiles he attend to the numerous problems facing the country?

That is fine. Going to sit on his throne tagged “PRESIDENT OF GHANA” will make him feel proud but, there are numerous problems facing the country that he must stay behind to ensure that are solved amicably.

Mr. President, please start kicking the butt of those lazy zombies of yours at the castle who goes to sit in their offices playing with their balls and phones or give them work to do to justify their collection of tax payers money as salaries.

After all the tax payers money is not to pay salaries of zombies who play with their balls sending text messages to their girl friends whiles they are suppose to work for the state.

Mr. President, stop globetrotting and start kicking the butt of your zombies.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.