Guns and ammunition; the NDC’s chosen way of life

Ofosu Ampofo Quarters Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, NDC Chairman

Sun, 3 Mar 2019 Source: Raphael Kumah Abolasom

Guns and ammunition are their chosen way of life. Peace and harmony, the chose to neglect. Dialogue and decent intellectual political discourse, they see as their sworn enemy. Scheming, planning, unleashing and exacting violence on innocent citizens are their genetic composition. With violence, they were nurtured.

They are bloodthirsty and crave for it like dying vampires. They cannot be comfortable without fomenting and hatching evil plans that seek to cause mayhem. The NDC cannot just live a day without orchestrating violence, neither can they thrive in battles of ideas, nor people-centered policies.

His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo extended an invitation to the NDC to help map out strategies that will lead to the disbandment of party vigilante groups, and what was their first response? They cast doubts and aspersions on the outcome of such an invitation. They, however, forgot, that, this is not the first-time issues of party vigilante has come to the fore. In their tenure, we witnessed the atrocities of the Atiwa by-election, we bled from the brutalities of the let my vote count alliance demonstration, for all these heinous occurrences, the silence was too loud, so much so that, we didn’t even know Ghana had a President, let alone for him to have extended a hand of invitation to other political parties to come to the drawing room to deal with this canker; leadership was never shown.

We were right, when we told you, Mahama was incompetent, we were right, when we told you Mahama was greedy and will do anything to cling onto power, we were right, when we told you Mahama was clueless about how to run a country, we were right, yes, we were damn right! Today, we have been vindicated, his utterances and posture since he left office have added volumes to what we already know. Ghana, never again shall we encounter such impoverished leadership.

For the lack of vision, the NDC couldn’t see, that, the commission of inquiry set up by the President to look into the isolated incidents of violence in the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election was going to be the beginning of the roadmap to ending party vigilantism, hence, they bastardize the commission and doubted its abilities and essence. What do we see today? and what matters most is the fact, that well-meaning Ghanaians have applauded and so far, endorsed the work and results of the commission. The NDC has proven, times without number, their ineptitude and inability to engage in decent politics, their incessant love for violence is significantly overwhelming.

Ghanaians have also always known, that the NDC does not wish Ghana well and their evil plot has once again, been exposed in an explosive audio, where the National Chairman of the NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who doubles as an Elder of a very revered church is heard to have made treasonable comments which inherent tendencies to turn this country upside down cannot be overemphasized. Patriots, we must not give in to the temptation of dragging the church into this despicable mess, although it is baffling for such a man to have risen to such status in the church, yet spew so much hate, evil, and plot to commit treason.

A man whose aim is to plunge this country into a state of insecurity, must not be tolerated in the midst of discerning minds. It was this same chairman of the NDC, who in sometime past, erroneously posited, that free SHS is the cause of teenage pregnancies in recent times; how silly! Moving forward, Churches must also endeavour to double check the calibre of people, that they elevate to various positions in the church. Once again. Let us in unison, magnanimously reject the NDC and their evil agenda, come December 2020. Four more 4 Nana!

Columnist: Raphael Kumah Abolasom