Gyan Probably Didn’t Rig The Elections

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 Source: Badu, K.

Gyan Probably Didn’t Rig The Elections, The Nation Wreckers Did

I daresay only those who wish to plunge a nation into ‘darkness would think of rigging elections. Of course, the electorates were aiming to select someone they prefer to lead the nation. Sadly, they did not realise that they were only casting their votes only for the people who were entrusted with the counting of the votes to decide who comes to power.

I must admit, I take exception to the school of thought who frets that the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Afari Gyan vicariously rigged the 2012 general elections in favour of the NDC party. Though, the Electoral Commissioner was the overall Returning Officer in this instance, the Commissioner was not present at the ‘crime scenes’. If indeed the elections were rigged, then, it was cunningly and contrariously executed by the ‘supposed winners’. Of course, such scheming guiles could only be made possible by the able connivance of the froward Electoral Officers, who were in the ‘fields’. If that was the case, then, the conclusion is, those squinty Electoral Officers were probably bought by the ‘nation wreckers’ without Dr. Afari Gyan’s knowledge. In any case, the discerning Ghanaians should not just scoff over such treasonable and villainous acts which have been perpetrated by the power intoxicated mountebanks.

We hear from credible NPP sources that the Blue Sheets figures which were the authentic figures from the polling stations were flagitiously changed by the Electoral Officers in the collation books before forwarding the newly created figures to the Electoral Commission headquarters. In fairness, based on what happened in Dome-Kwabenya Constituency, I can conclude that NPP party has ‘a case’. For instance, if it was not the attentiveness of the NPP Parliamentary candidate, things would have fallen apart in that constituency. To this end, I have no doubts whatsoever that, similar acts took place in other constituencies undetected.

Consequently, it is not surprising that the opposition NPP party has come out with admissible evidence ready to seek redress at the Supreme Court. I must admit, I am in acquiescence with NPP party in this instance. Indeed the people at the helm of the party are playing by the books, and, more importantly, they are not resorting to violence in this instance.

It is worth remembering that every defeat is bitter, and, it becomes more painful if there is unobjectionable evidence of foul play in the process. This is exactly what the NPP sympathisers are feeling at the moment. Let me point out that some people do not even take a defeat in a common football match lightly; they become extremely livid with the slightest provocation. So I was dumbfounded when I heard supposedly grown up men like Tony Aidoo and Asiedu Nketsia exhibiting sheer prankishness towards the leadership of the NPP party. To those urchins: You do not provoke aggrieved individuals in such a tensed period, you are stoking the situation in doing so. To this end, I will urge you lots to learn how to exercise restraint in periods like this.

Further still, in order to preserve our democracy, I urge the NPP party to proceed to the Supreme Court with the evidence. It is treasonable for any individual to change the will of the people in elections. I am pretty sure at least fifty per cent of Ghanaian voters support the stance you are about to take. And, we solemnly pray that the judges would nobly and boldly look into the case and arrive at a decision that would preserve the national ambiance. And, if indeed the verdict was stolen, then the right thinking Ghanaians must not look on nonchalantly. It is in the light of this that I am applauding NPP party for heading to the Supreme Court for redress.

Just envision how a government of a party who is happy to ‘steal votes in order to ‘rule Ghanaians would look like. ‘Your guess is as good as mine. If they can steal votes, what else is beyond their reach? I weep for Mother Ghana!

K. Badu, UK.

Columnist: Badu, K.