Happy New Year Mr President – We need a supplementary Manifesto (Part 1)

Tue, 2 Jan 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

In spite of the enormity of the work ahead to make Ghana great again since John Mahama sent this country to hell, I danced for three days straight after we were declared winners of the 2016 general elections, although Charlotte Osei would have wished it otherwise.

I danced with joy at the opportunity to put shoulder to bumper to push this country of ours out of the hellhole that the NDC dropped us into, all because the driver of our vehicle was always drunk, high, and incompetent.

Alhmadullilah, we are almost out of this predicament. I have always posited that you, Mr President, will do well on all your promises. Eiish, but I never imagined that you would implement the manifesto so quickly.

In fact, you hit the ground running from day one. I supported the size of your government. I saw in the creation of the New Ministries workable wisdom that transcends the boundaries of mere rhetoric and fancy language. By that you sought to urge Ministers to focus on the work at hand and not get distracted by other issues that can be handled by a new ministry with a limited budget. This move also served to cull corruption by ensuring accountability. Well, of course, as in every concept, it was not without any challenges, but they were manageable.

Your Excellency, we need a supplementary manifesto because the original one the NPP campaigned on is almost exhausted. At the rate that you are going, we would need supplementary Manifestos I, II, III, and more.

Contrary to the foolish propaganda of the uncivilised other side known as the NDC, I would rather refer to them as Nasty Destructive Cancer, the new ministries worked efficiently on a very low budget, some between 1-3 million Ghana Cedis for the whole year.

The NDC would have channeled hundreds of millions and syphoned the money to pseudo accounts. They are the chopchop masters.

Mr President, we encourage you to continue to set the right conditions in order that we avail ourselves of the opportunities as a nation to benefit from. I appreciate the fact that your government has created many opportunities that Ghanaians can tap into, and although they are not enough, I believe that you did marvelously well in this regard in our first year of making Ghana Great Again! The colourful nuance of your governance has touched not only Ghana, but West-Africa to a large extent.

In fact, your efforts have paid off in bringing peace to Gambia, Liberia (recently), and understanding between Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. Believe me, under John Mahama, the recent case that we won against Ivory Coast would have degenerated into diplomatic rows, and cross border skirmishes. The NDC are callously terroristic.

I wish to remind you, Excellency Sir, that many of my brothers and sisters in the NPP are looking for jobs which I am sure you will do well to create in 2018. I have always told them to have patience. They have such good will, which they will never throw to the dogs even though the NDC taunt them. They know that joblessness under the NPP is better than gainful employment under the NDC. I will tell you why.

Well, for starters, they do believe in you and the NPP. They are all too aware that given the conducive conditions that are making manifest slowly but surely, the burden on them will reduce because the extended families will be working in agriculture; food for jobs! They know that their siblings and extended family members will now have access to quality free education! They know that the NHIS will be working flawlessly!

They know that the banks will be giving out loans at low interest rates in order to boost local entrepreneurs! They know that there will be no more Dumsor, and so there will be no need for generators and fuel! They know that the government will have enough money because John Mahama and the NDC thieves will not be stealing their wealth anymore! They know that they have a President, Nana Akufo-Addo, who came to power by divine manifestation of holy ordinance, and when there is intervention from GOD, things can only get better!

Mr President, your no-nonsense approach to issues has kept the naysayers at bay. Let us try the corrupt officials from NDC, and our party if any are indicted. I know we have an overwhelming job of prosecuting past officials and their surrogates like Jospong and Ibrahim Mahama. It looks like we might have to prosecute the whole NDC because they are all thieves!

In fact, if Einstein, Bernoulli, Nostradamus, Archemedes, Confucius, Ghandi and others joined the NDC, they would all become thieves, liars, betrayers, and numskulls!

In Part II, m3 b) wo amane3 soronko. In the meantime, I wish you all the felicitations accorded in both the spiritual and material worlds.


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi