Happy New Year Prophet T.B Joshua!

Tue, 31 Dec 2013 Source: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo

2013 is about to come to a close. It has been quite eventful and challenging but you have surmounted it all. You have provided hope, encouragement and faith to those who hunger for spiritual truth. The Synagogue Church of All Nations has proved to be a true worldwide church where nations can seek rest under it. Prophet T.B Joshua, I truly wish you a happy New Year and wish to make these requests of you as we enter 2014. I hope as always humble and accommodating as you are, you will accord me a listening ear.

Ghana, a nation at the crossroads needs your help. Hardship, crime, spiraling unemployment and general breakdown of morality has characterized our society. Youths in Ghana have little hope of survival as the difficult economic downturn has affected us seriously. I know we have a President in this country but I am happy he himself has acknowledged the difficult terrain he finds himself. He has called on Religious leaders in our country to continue praying for the nation as he and his team works out ways to turn around the economy. Where the country is now, we need spiritual intervention to get through. Our numerous unemployed youths needs divide direction to overcome the difficult situation they find themselves.

This is where I implore you to consider holding a crusade in our country. I haven’t followed so much the history of the SCOAN when it comes to its crusades and conventions. I know the SCOAN has held conventions and crusades in most part of the world but if my memory serves me right, I do not recall any crusade or convention held by the SCOAN in Ghana. Prophet, Ghana and Nigeria are more like brothers. We have so much in common. What affects Nigeria seems to affect Ghana quickly. We have thousands of law abiding Nigerians who have made Ghana their home and vice versa. It is my humble belief that your good works must benefit Ghana more. We want more of you because you are one of us.

I know that you may hesitate to heed to my suggestion because of the unfortunate incident that happened the last time rumor started flying that you are coming here. You see, just as I have stated in my numerous articles, some Ghanaian Pastors are innately jealous of the good work you are doing and the impact of your humanitarian program in the world. They wish they have half of your generosity and spiritual fire but it is God who gives and hence your spiritual gift is a credit to God. This is why I will recommend that when you decide to come to Ghana, kindly visit the Ashanti Region.

The Ashanti Region is the most populous Region in Ghana. It is also the richest which houses the most powerful king in Ghana. The people in the Region are very religious and accommodating. It also has good security network and a hospitable population. The Ashanti Region is also an easy reach to thousands of your admirers in other Regions like the Brong Ahafo, Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions. It will be extremely delightful to have you pay a visit to this region.

As we enter the 2014, the whole of Ghana is pleading for your visit which most believe is long overdue. We are waiting for you to grace us with your visit which will be highly appreciated.

I wish you a wonderful new year and may you continue to be a blessing to every humanity who seeks shelter under the SCOAN.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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Columnist: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo