Hard work alone doesn't bring success

Work Haard But Work Smart Work hard, but work smart

Wed, 28 Aug 2019 Source: Stacy Amewoyi

Hard work cannot make you rich, but your wisdom and knowledge can make you climb the ladder of the riches. It is good to work harder but add wisdom through your hardworking. At home and at school we usually hear that hard work will carry us forward in life.

Peoples always say: the harder we work, the more we will win, and of course we will get rich. But not always the values of this saying lead to the same result. Hence, some people living in the State has been working extra jobs just to make money to meet their demands, some people are working overtime’s in their jobs to increase their income, some too are quitting their job and looking for better jobs with good paycheck. The irony is that, some people are working only one job without overtime but they can meet their demands, some too are working at Walmart with lowest paycheck but they can still pay their bills.

I get it, some people have more dependents than others but your wisdom can carry you to live the American Dream. Whenever I cast my mind back to Ghana, a lot of our mothers, fathers, siblings, and friends are working hard to earn a living but they cannot even save for future. What I’m putting across is, work hard but let your wisdom lead you. if all you do in life is to work very hard, you will never be rich, because it is not enough that you work hard to earn money and save something. In order to guarantee wealth in the future, one must "equally" work intelligently, especially through investment.

Most people say, Osei Kwame Despite (owner of Despite Group) was selling dog chains and cassettes and now he is rich. This gives some people some kinds of motivation...well, there is nothing wrong with that but do you know the number of people who were selling the same dog chains and cassettes with Osei Kwame Despite? Where are they now? Are they also rich now? This world is balanced, many have to fail and a few have to make it. If it is true that, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite was selling dog chains and cassettes, I believe some people were into that business before he came in. I believe that some people have to be rich and some have to be poor. But remember no condition is permanent. Even in the Bible, there were rich and poor people. That was why Jesus asked Nicodemus to sell his wealth and give it to the poor.

You will never achieve financial success if you put your money in a bank account, or on a CD, in a T-bill, in a municipal bond or in an annuity. These types of accounts often offer interest rates below 1%. Please invest your money in business and earn biggest interest rates, buy treasure bills, you can invest in stocks.

It is funny when people say, Bill Gates was a school dropout, Mark Zuckerberg was a school dropped out and now these are the richest people in the world. Well, do you know the number of school dropouts who are now even homeless? Some are even living on paycheck. Again, this world is balanced. Many has to fail and few has to make it.

Columnist: Stacy Amewoyi