Opinions Fri, 2 Dec 2016

Haruna Atta and NDC on the slippery road to tribalism.

By Charles Agbenu

Haruna Atta Ghana's Ambassador in Namibia said Akufo Addo the NPP Presidential candidate has told him something privately about Northerners' ascension to the presidency under NPP. NDC desperation is sending the journalist/diplomat on the slippery road of tribalism.

Let us grant him that. Haruna must answer me- Was Akufo Ado' remarks in 2008 the official position of NPP? Was that for public consumption? Haruna is in serious breach of faith and morality. Haruna Atta is making huge mistake if he thinks disclosures of private conversations should be the new order.

Then we also have several instances that many NDC politicians have said privately and publicly about NPP and Asantes which can be taken as NDC official positions and which we can also disclose. We also have private records of what NDC thinks about Muslim ascension to the Presidency.

Many NDC people have said Asantes will continue to suffer under them, hence the DUMSOR and capitation in Asante Region were unprecedented. They wanted to punish Asantes for their imagined hegemonic stand.

NDC people say privately that no Asante will ever be NDC presidential candidate. In fact Since Kwame Nkrumah socialist stock gained grounds in Ghana politics in 1951, no Asante has ever been the Presidential candidate of CPP, PNP, NDC, PNC etc and for that matter for about 70 years of Ghana political life. Have Asantes complained?

NDC say quietly in chambers that they want to de-emphasis Kumasi in Ghana's socio economic scheme of things to show Asantes who are too known. So NDC philosophy is that they will rather promote Eastern Corridor Road and Tema- Akosombo Railway followed by the Inland transport from Akosombo to Yapei such that Kumasi is de-emphasized in the scheme of things.

No wonder NDC has contracted a loan to develop the said Railway line. A full development of Akosombo – Yapei inland water way is an extension of this diabolical agenda.

The neglect of the economic Accra-Kumasi dual Road is part of the NDC divisionist agenda. NDC are not interested. The development of the uneconomic Tamale International airport over the economic Kumasi airport is a grand agenda in the evil order of Asante marginalization.

Although NDC are using Asantes like Kojo Bonsu,Yamoah Ponkor, Adu Boahen Yamoah Ponko, Dr Opuni, Dan Agyekum, Brogya Gyamfi etc. in their fold to let it seem they love Asantes. In fact these same Asantes are being used but the strategy is that Asantes will forever be second rated and given crumbs in the NDC. But these people are clever they will chop the NDC awoof monies.

Is there any Asante of repute or substance in Mahama cabinet or NDC national executive? Dr Tony Aidoo was stategically removed from the central to silence him. Dr Agyeman Mensah the Minister of Works is a token in Mahama cabinet of 19. He has no mouth almost in an empty position.

Hon Collins Dauda had to cede his position as cabinet Minister to give way to Dr Agyemang Mensah the lonesome Asante to sit in Cabinet to satisfy the constitutional requirement of Regional balance in Mahama cabinet, all as an afterthought. Who does not know that Asantes, the most dominant tribepersons in Ghana have been marginalized in Mahama lopsided cabinet and other executive positions including the military, police, immigration, NADMO and civil service appointment?

Asantes have had no real place in Rawlings/Mills/Mahama administrations since 1981? These happenings are not by chance. They have been discussed in chambers and being implemented all these years.

With all this backdrop, NDC say Asantes are ungrateful. And they say also that only foolish things come from Asante as said by Solomon Nkansah openly.

Then NDC still goes to Asante to look for 1 million foolish votes? Haaaabaa.

NDC seem to have something tribally against NPP. NPP also have something tribally against NDC. Tell Haruna Atta, Koku Anyidoho, Kwaku Boahen, Kakra Essamuah, Mugabe and all the NDC bigots that we can all enter the tribal gutter if need be.

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles