Haruna Iddrisu and the Tamale violence!

Tue, 22 Jan 2013 Source: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo

It really seems some people of Tamale have been treated with kid's gloves for some time now. Indiscipline seems to have eaten so deep into their way of life it has become nauseating and simply unacceptable. Decent Ghanaians have watched with shock and sadness the various levels of indiscipline and hot headedness some have exhibited over the years since the Ya Na's unfortunate demise. I will give few examples here.

During Professor Mills reign, so many act of indiscipline was recorded in Tamale that some of us felt so much ashamed to know that we have a police service in the country. From seizing of tender documents, invasion of government buildings, seizing of public facilities to general breakdown of law and order was the order of the day during his reign.

I remember vividly just after the N.D.C's victory in the 2008 election, the Northern Regional N.D.C Chairman declared that all civil and public servants in the Northern Region should report to him because he is now the head of the region pending the appointment of a Regional Minister. This led to young thugs invading various government agencies and forcefully locking up those places. Not only was his declaration absurd and unlawful, it was also highly uncivilized! The result of this unhealthy declaration is there for all to see!

The most provocative declaration of all came from a group of hooligans who declared President Mills persona non grata in Tamale following the ruling on the Ya Na case. They supposedly banned President Mills from visiting Tamale and embarked on acts of hooliganism and general insecurity in the Metropolis. Tamale always sits on tenterhooks because the least spark can lead to violence and destruction of public property! Tamale has recorded more disturbances and violence than any Metropolis in Ghana save Bawku! Now my question is: why has this been so?

The simple answer is this: Lack of police action! When law and order breaks down, it is because certain people believe they are above the law and can get away with breaking it. When the law refuses to work, impunity reigns supreme. This is what is happening in Tamale and must be condemned strongly!

We love Haruna Iddrisu. As a matter of fact, I have been one of his strongest advocates for Ministerial appointment because i believe not only does he qualify, but he has the strongest credentials to be Ghana's future president. I dare say without any shred of doubt that Haruna Iddrisu will one day be Ghana's president! With this at the back of our minds, it will be imperative, in fact very necessary for us to quickly shield him from the madness taking place in Tamale. It is simply not right.

Haruna Iddrisu, for the sake of his political future must quickly come out and condemn the violence that took place in Tamale recently. His name must never be associated with violence no matter what. He is too decent for mindless goons to use his name to engage in violence. The people of Tamale must look at the big picture and know the damage they are causing the reputation of Haruna Iddrisu by engaging in this unnecessary violence. Posterity will never forgive them if they destroy the political career of this young man. We are watching!

Henry Kpakpo Allotey



Columnist: Allotey, Henry Kpakpo