Has Jerry Rawlings Jumped From the NPP Frying Pan

Fri, 22 Apr 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Has Jerry Rawlings Jumped From the NPP Frying Pan In 2001 Into Au NDC Burning Fire in 2011?

Former President J.J Rawlings has survived several assassination attempts b Ex-President J.A Kufuor’s NPP administration from 2001-2008 when his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) won the general elections BY A SMALL MARGIN. Mr. Kufuor’s cabinet decision was to wait until some disturbances take place in Ghana and they use that opportunity to eliminate Rawlings whether he was involved in that disturbances or not. By that time his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings would have been given a very long political prison term so that the NDC will disintegrate leaving only the NPP as a defacto one party state in Ghana so that they can fool about and expose their “wisdom”, their tribal superiority and their so-called might in Ghana. After surviving all these political assassination attempts by Kufuor’s NPP government, Rawlings thought he was now a very free man since he had campaigned vigorously day and night for the NDC which he formed in 1992 to win the general elections but he was making a BIG mistake, because he is now Burning in an NDC Bonfire which was lit by some anti-Rawlings elements who are more dangerous than the NPP Security Agents who were trying to eliminate him because of his fearless utterances. By always attacking Prez.Mills since 2009, Rawlings asked for war and now he has it. Those anti-Rawlings elements in the party cannot see anything beyond their stomachs; they always play the ostrich and mislead President Mills by knocking his head and that of Rawlings together. When the media asked the President about the unpalatable criticisms of his government by Rawlings, he answered diplomatically that Rawlings was Not a Pain in His Neck Yes, what else did one expect him to say? But those around him has re-invented what the NPP government did to Rawlings in 2001 code named-Reduce Rawlings To Nothing Campaign, he must be ridiculed and projected as a rascal, a rabble rouser and an enemy in his own party as well as his cadres nation wide. What pains several well meaning Ghanaians is that these so-called New NDC Members are working systematically day and night to depart from the actual NDC Constitution by replacing it with their own ideology while sweeping Rawlings’ ideology under the carpet for ever and I can predict that this is the main reason why Dr.Obed Asamoah has returned to the NDC, I am afraid , these greedy men will have to leave the NDC and form their own party in the near future because their ANTICS and general behaviour are TOO GLARING. Nobody cuts the finger that feeds him, but these anti-Rawlings elements owe their positions to him. Since Ghana’s Independence in 1957, Fantes have always been chosen as Vice Presidents and the last person was Mr. Joe De graph Johnson alias Joe Diggi who was a Vice-Presidential candidate to the late Dr. Hilla Limann on the ticket of the People’s National Party (PNP) in 1979 which won general elections after that Popular Uprising on June 4 1979. But for the June 4 Uprising , Victor Owusu’s Popular Front Party (PFP) would have rigged those elections. Since Fantes are one of the minority tribes, why won’t we allow President Mills to complete his 8 years term by allowing him to contest the 2012 presidential primaries un-opposed? What crime has he committed to warrant only one Term of office? On the other hand, the rumors that were making the rounds indicate that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings may be contesting the sitting President has now been officially confirmed.

It is a big INDICTMENT of the sitting President in Ghana and Abroad for a Top National Executive Member of the ruling party to attempt to contest him. It means there are so many questions than answers-simply put, the Prez. Can not deliver. Who ever wins at the NDC National Congress as the flag bearer will be a victory for the NDC as a party. All NPP members throughout the country are very very happy and are praying DAY and NIGHT for the former first lady and wife of the NDC founder to pick a nomination form when the time comes. Now that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has confirmed her candidature, tons upon tons of unprintable INSULTS are pour on her. But I will not disclose them here for the sake of party unity. Has the ruling NDC government lost its memory & thinking caps? Both the NPP and the NDC claim that they are democratic parties and if so, is it a crime for somebody to contest a sitting President in both political parties in Ghana? If the answer is No, then amend the 1992 Constitution and if the answer is YES, then why the insults? In the year 2007 didn’t the NPP field 17 Aspirants in this country? You see, insults, disrespect and arrogance can never solve problems but DIALOGUE can do it. Prez. Mills Some NDC gurus always tickle themselves and laugh and proceed to deceive and mislead President Mills that he is More Popular than Rawlings-Please , with all due respect to Prez.Mills, this is Not True at all, those who told him that are his worst enemies in this country. After successfully jumping from one frying pan of the NPP and also surviving several assassination attempts from 2001-2008, Rawlings has now fallen into the Burning Fire of his own party the NDC in 2011 simply because his wife eyeing the Presidency when the NDC opens nominations on July 8th this year. Some anti-Rawlings elements are up in arms against him and they will be too happy if nobody supports or even acknowledges the presence of Rawlings in his own party, How Sad, can it work well to ensure party unity for election 2012? I doubt it.

Whatever be the case , we must NOT praise our former Presidents ONLY WHEN they are dead in this country. It is a very bad practice. Something must be done to patch up the Rawlings family and that of the sitting President but the main obstacle to that settlement is that those who should have settled the two sides have taken sides in pronouncing Rawlings and his Wife guilty amids Insults before trying to intervene, so what are some people talking about? Is it stomach politics or what? Dear reader, you keep your crossed I shall return with more observations and suggestions for discussion.

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement