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Has Kan Dapaah compromised his ministerial position by his blind love?

Kan Dapaah34 Albert Kan-Dapaah

Tue, 14 Jan 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

I had heard in passing from my wife about some people taking Minister for National Security, Hon Albert Kan Dapaah, on, if not to the cleaners. It was when I heard his name being mentioned in the news and by radio phone-in callers that I asked my wife what it was all about.

She told me it was about an alleged video come out involving Mr Kan Dapaah. A purported lovebird of his has video-recorded him during their distance love chat, she said.

I had not bothered to know about the details since love affairs not culminating in rape, murder and not involving an adult and a minor, but consensual, is not a crime, hence of no relevance to me knowing the details.

However, I became a bit worried when at work, a Ghanaian work colleague asked if I had heard about the possible set-up of Kan by some politicians (the name of their political party withheld)? I said no. He then asked, have you not seen the video about him and a young girl as it is trending on social media? I said no. He promised to WhatsApp it to me.

Having become curious to know what has happened, I googled the Ghana internet news portal and oops, the image-tarnishing video.

A man of Kan's age and position in such a sensitive area in government should not have gone down that path. However, as long as he has not breached any law, or not compromised his position by revealing any sensitive State secrets to the woman, I am not going to join those taking him to the cleaners and calling for his resignation.

He has his personal reputation dented. He has momentarily become Sampson with the unknown woman being Delilah. As Sampson revealed the secret about his dreadlocks to the Philistine woman Delilah to culminate in his capture, enslavement and death, so was Kan about to do but did not go that far.

As long as he might not have revealed any State secrets to the woman, the objective for blackmailing him has not fully been achieved as far as I am concerned.

If it were true some people had arranged to set him up to get him booted out of government for their selfish and criminal interests, I am sure they have failed but will additionally pay dearly for their malignity.

I shall advise Kan to learn a bitter lesson from this experience to never again fall into any trap. There are modern electronic gadgets capable of spying on people from distances.

These smartphones and other sophisticated electronic devices out there in the market must be feared when one is doing any silly thing anywhere. If it were not so, Kan may not have become an object of laughter or hostility as we speak.


Kan must be mindful of the sensitive nature of his position. Subsequently, he has to act morally, professionally, and sensibly at all times in order not to demean himself and his office. He must cautiously stay in his lane as an old man, although old men find young girls more arousing and tastier than women of their age group.

These young girls of today are in for money unlike those of yesteryears hence will go any length to dupe a man. The girl in Kan's case is not different from those women in the Western world some of whom falsely accuse men of rape, sexual assaults and all sorts of accusations with the motive of extracting money from them or defaming them.

From the video, I can confirm that Kan had not been with the girl for long or does know her very well as a trusted girlfriend or else, the girl would never have leaked the video to the public. What was her objective for throwing the video into the public domain if it was not to blackmail him for all malicious reasons?

As a National Security Minister, be not only conversant with, but above security matters and their intricacies all the time. Don't reveal your personal and professional secrets to women or friends. Don't trust many people but yourself. Learn a bitter lesson from this experience to never repeat it in your life.

It is said, "All that glitters is not gold an aphorism stating that not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so". It was not so, Kan knew he had found a trusted succulent damsel, the apple of every man's eye, but look what has happened; a snitch comes to cost Kan his job and reputation.


If it were in the USA, it would have brought Kan down long ago. However, I pray that the President summons him and strongly advise him to be very careful not to repeat that mistake again not matter how far he falls in love with a woman he comes across.

A woman has got the potential to trip a man if a man unreasonably falls in love with her. Although this is any man's greatest weakness, we have to strive to control our libido.

For the blackmailers not to succeed, the President must please NOT sack Kan but sternly warn him if need be, which it must be. Kan must thence live 100 times to expectation and above, as a credible National Security Minister.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo