Has Kwesi Pratt Sold His Soul to the Devil?

Mon, 19 Aug 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

? I must confess, I really find it difficult understanding the logic behind a pot calling the kettle you are dark. My Ghanaian compatriot, Mr Kwesi Pratt aka "Mr Know All", has, to be frank with my readers, sold his soul to the devil.

? When you sell your soul to the devil, you completely lack principles thereof. Mr Pratt has the shameless audacity to shuttle between radio stations, an obnoxious programme panellist as he often is, to condemn Mr Owusu Afriyie aka "Sir John". He reprimands Sir John for daring Supreme Court Justice Atuguba amid insults.

? Much as I condemn Sir John with reservation, and not supportive of his probable irresponsible machismo showmanship, I will least expect Kwesi Pratt to go on air to chastise him. Was it not this same Uncle Pratt who questioned the authority of the Chief Justice, Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood, when she ordered that Election 2012 case be telecast live? Was he not the same one who said nine Supreme Court Justices cannot decide for twenty-five million Ghanaians by overturning or invalidating the Election 2012 results?

? Is Kwesi Pratt not equally as bad as Sir John if he, Sir John, is really disgustingly bad?

? Another shameless opportunist, former Interior Deputy Minister Kobby Acheampong, has also the guts to open his mouth again. He tries to justify his once most condemnable tagging of Sir John as a "kookoase kuraseni". Do I have to answer this now useless person who once thought he had the entire world under his feet? Why do I spend my precious time on proving wrong a person who is himself worse than wrong?

? Where is that stinging power of yours, Oh Kobby Acheampong? Time changes indeed! Can you now order the IGP to move police armour cars to arrest policemen stopping you for over-speeding on Ghana roads? If you can’t, then it is because time changes, oh big slimy-mouthed Kobby Acheampong. You are worse than Sir John, hypocrite Acheampong!

For what he will gain, Kwesi Pratt always supports and defends the irresponsible acts by the NDC party and government. So is Kobby Acheampong. Stomach politicians?

? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson