Has cadres wasted their lives whilst playing their roles for Ghana?

Mon, 16 Dec 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ghanaians have been sleeping for far too long, closing their eyes to a multiple of evil perpetuated against the STATE by the people at the helms of affairs. Ghanaians must be bold enough to point out the mistakes of their LEADERS when they were still at post and not the unpardonable mistake of being able to say what went wrong when the sinner was out of the scene- J.J. Rawlings June 22nd and 23rd 1979 see Daily Graphic. That was the spirit of the June 4th Uprising in 1979. However, today 2013, who will commit such a suicide by standing up boldly to point out the mistakes of his/ her leader in today’s Ghana? As a junior staff or middle management personnel, you point out such mistakes and pack your brief case home, never to return to work as you are fired. We are back to square one, the pre-revolutionary era with its infamous Slogan-Yessa Master, No spoil Job? Therefore, massive corruption goes on daily at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, the Ghana Education Service. The Ghana Immigration Service, the Ghana Revenue Authority, the various Ministries where most Civil Servants outwit their sector Ministers and their Deputies and chop in to their beards daily because they (the CIVIL SERVANTS) have been in the system all their lives and can only be removed by DEATH or RETIREMENT. The 31st December revolution was launched to push us to live TRANSPARENT LIVES in which our considerations for our neighbors will be as high as we would wish it for our selves. Well, there is an old saying that “Money is everything; Yes in our world today, money has become central to LIFE, to choice of career to one’s education and in fact to everything and yet, Flit Lt.J.J. Rawlings did not train CADRES WITH MONEY since the PNDC era to the time he left office on 6th January 2001 and that explains why the erstwhile NPP government combed all the Banks in the world and could not find a single dollar, pound sterling or cedi note stuffed in those Banks by Rawlings or his wife and Kwaku Baako Jnr. a.k.a Mr. Document had to return shamefully to Ghana after causing financial loss to the state only to tell the vicious tribal bigot in the person of President Kufour that he did not find any local or foreign currencies deposited by the Rawlingses in any foreign bank throughout the World, and Prez. Kufour, who already has blood shot eyes had his eyes flowing with blood as they became more red. You see, the NPP has a culture in which vice is virtue and they glorify savagery other wise they would not have erected Dr. J.B. Danquah statue in Central of Accra and that of Obetseby Lamptey at the Kaneshie Circle also in Accra at all. therefore, if Ghanaians should fire shots over these nasty state of affairs, then the targets are there and they can easily be crushed in a manner determined by the satanic intentions of the violent prone NPP for their role in glorifying savagery by erecting the statutes of J.B. Danquah and Obetsebey Lamptey at the two round abouts in Accra because it is an insult to the people of Ghana. How can we praise Danquah and Obetseby Lamptey for their roles in killing innocent men, women and children through their numerous bomb throwings between 1951 to 1966 in their political fight with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was finally overthrown violently on 24th February, 1966. These statues should not have been there and should be removed outright-so over to you – A.M.A. Boss in Accra. To the Progressive Forces, the notion that NPP members could walk freely all the time without being arrested and tried for looting the coffers of the state and also charged with genocide is unpardonable and in tolerable . They are even trying without success to campaign for votes and govern this country again by falsely accusing President Mahama of corruption – How sad. Members of the NPP have forgotten so soon that they were the first people who presided over so much injustice, deprivation, selective justice and contract killings in this country of ours. The country is facing very serious challenges because most managers in our state enterprises were trained to run private organizations and not public organizations in a nation where we have over 10 million people who have seen LITTLE OR NOTHING of a classroom before. It means that our future graduates would have a very different education. You see, it is better to face the TRUTH, no matter how painful than to result to soothing false hood like NPP members in order to satisfy your selfish ends.

Unfortunately, all Ghanaians fear death, after that, the next thing all Ghanaians fear again is Truth and by so doing, we are killing the moral fiber of our society which will soon become Sodom and Gomorrah and God will be compelled to start destroying the World from Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, how sad, it will happen LIVE if we continue to fear the TRUTH and refuse to be Patriotic Nationalistic minded from now on.


The remaining surviving cadres including this writer are now seen by Ghanaians as those who have wasted their lives while playing some very important roles for our country – Ghana. It is a fact that Cadres of the June Four Movement and the PNDC Government made Ghana what it is today 2013, there are no two ways about that and if people see Cadres as those who have wasted their precious lives for playing various important roles for our mother land is very unfortunate and unpardonable especially when such comments come from the Regional and Constituency Executives of the ruling NDC government since January 2009 under the late prez. Mills of blessed memory. In fact the situation was so worse under prez. Mills that the NDC would have divided completely if Mills had not died untimely, this would have cost the great NDC dearly and would have served as the biggest lesson for the party. The next group of party members were some few Deputy Ministers of state and Regional Ministers who saw the Cadres as having wasted their lives in saving the country from collapse. Cadres would not move an inch out of the NDC Party we sacrificed extremely to build into a formidable party.


I recall very well that in one of his first major press conferences, the late President Mills said, and I recall this very well that I quoted, I WILL NOT INHERIT ANYBODY ELSE’S ENEMIES. Yes, it is there on the records, you can cross check or go and listen to it. This was a direct reference to Jerry Rawlings for the charges that he was making against the NPP and some of us did not think Rawlings went out of his way to create enemies for himself or the late President in any way.

Rawlings only disagreed with President Mills on the approach, because he Felt some of the investigations against the ex-ministers of the NPP were done in a manner that actually suppressed INDICTING EVIDENCE. It is very true because a Presidential Commission was put in place by President Mills instead of allowing the security agencies to handle those ex-Ministers of the NPP who looted the national treasury with impunity and are now walking free instead of going to jail where they rightly belong. Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done . “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua”.


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement