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Has the Govt washed its hands off on the GIA refund money ?

Has the Ghana Government washed its hands off on the GIA refund money issues?

Some customers who used agents in London to buy their tickets one a half years ago following the ash cloud crisis are still waiting for a response from the Ghana Government. Since the announcement of the refund of ticket money to all passengers some of us have not heard from your agent. Is the Government saying that they have paid all agents by now?

The agent my son and his friends used “ Panafrique”in London, the owner is adamant she has still not received the supposed money published in the media by deputy Information Minister Ablakwa Okudzeto.

I struggle to believe who is being honest with us whether the Government or the travel agent. Would it be a smart idea for the Government publishes the list of all the agents who had received money in the media so that passengers would be more confident to follow up with their agents?

I am aware that some travel agents are taking the Government to court over this. How long should passengers continue to wait for an action from the Government before Xmas at least?

Disappointment customers of failed GIA need answers.

My son and four of his friends worked their socks off to save their pocket money and hard earned money from various menial jobs to pay for their tickets as a mini gap year to help Ghana. Up till now they have not heard from the Ministry of transport. I recently sent a to the Minister of Transport by recorded delivery with all our tickets details and correspondences from various officials of the failed GIA. However up till now I have not received any correspondence from them.

My question is that, why did the Government decide to change the previous Minister of Transport who systematically dealing with the crisis at a critical time. Changing the Minister at a crucial time is still questionable? Of course a new one will not know what had previously gone and documents could have been destroyed to hide evidence regarding mis-management of funds.

Where do passengers stand in this crisis?

I am appealing to our President Atta Mills to step in to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. Those of us caught up in this mess have waited long enough to see some outcome. Ghana is hoping to be a credible Ghana and be ahead of other surrounding countries however issues of this nature will not give us a competitive advantage in any market.

Columnist: Adede, Mercy Bolus

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