Has the NPP’s Sammy Awuku let the cat out of the bag?

Wed, 28 Aug 2013 Source: Bokor, Michael J. K.

By Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Monday, August 26, 2013

Long before the proceedings began at the Supreme Court, rumours had it that the panel of Supreme Court judges had sympathizers or loyal NPP members among the 9. Names flew about and denials came from Justice V.M. Dotse particularly.

I have been inundated with questions from NDC supporters wondering what the fate of the President and the NDC will be, given those rumours. We note that there is always an element of truth in the Ghanaian rumour. Otherwise, wonder why Kutu Acheampong would pass a decree in the 1970s against rumour-mongering in Ghana!!

So, the rumours have rolled along, done many rounds in the public domain, and now given substance by none other than the NPP’s Deputy Communications Director, Sammy Awuku (who was recently grilled and lowered by Justice Atuguba’s panel for contempt of court).

In a transcript released by RadioGold and circulated widely, Sammy Awuku was reported in the interview that he gave in London recently that:

“But it is true that among the nine judges, we also have at least quite a good number who are favourable to our cause and that is the only thing that has restrained us other than that… . Because if you will realise the attack has not been on the nine judges. It has been targeted at a particular individual. (interruption from a male voice.... ‘Atuguba’).

Let’s be very fair but because he doesn’t want to go down alone he finds a way of extending it to all his colleagues. But the target among the nine judges has never been Akoto Bamfo or Baffoe Bonney or Dotse or Adeniyira or Julius Ansah or Gbadegbe or Anin Yeboah or Gbadegbe.”

Now, we have names from the NPP’s stables: Justice Akoto Bamfo; Justice Baffoe Bonney; Justice Dotse; Justice Adiniyira; Justice Julius Ansah; Justice Anin Yeboah; and Justice Sule Gbadegbe.

That gives us 7 out of the 9 members of the panel. Justices Atuguba and Rose Owusu were not mentioned by Awuku as he did the others.

Here is what Awuku is reported to have added: “I don’t want to give any prediction but we expect to get a, a higher number amongst the nine.”

Yes, these are issues pertinent to the NPP’s petition hearing that piques my interest. I am left in no doubt that these NPP people think that they have the case under wraps just because they have judges on the panel to trust. The matter, however, goes beyond that self-assured optimism. It is a matter of life or death for the country’s democracy; and those of us who have been keenly monitoring events know full well that the NPP’s petition is nothing worth anybody’s bother.

And that is the more reason why we have been particularly bent on tearing it apart, picking up its salient aspects and unpacking for purposes of exposing the weaknesses for the benefit of Ghanaians. Even though the proceedings have been telecast lie, there is still need for more analysis to bring home to those who can read between the lines what the intricacies are.

We are not bothered about the theatricals characterizing the presentations in the chamber of the Supreme Court. That is why we have torn apart this petition for all that it is. Within this context, it must be clear to the 9-member panel that we all know what is what and won’t sit down to be fooled by those with partisan political party biases. The matter is straightforward and we expect it to be concluded as such. No amount of party allegiance will change the dynamics or add value to this hollow petition.


That is why the judges who have been exposed by Sammy Awuku will have to take note that if they allow their misguided political interests to take precedence over reality, they will be helping to set a huge fire in the country that will consume them. It is not threat; it is just a humble appeal to conscience and good sense of judgement.

The matter before the panel has to do with the political will of the electorate and must be approached as such. Any member of the panel deceiving himself or herself that it is anything else will be held liable for anything they set in motion to derail our democracy.

In the meantime, will the judges mentioned by Sammy Awuku be bold enough to clear the air? We are waiting for them as we approach August 29. Gradually, the veil covering them is being lifted for us to see and know the real men and women behind the masks (not wigs, this time)!!

I shall return…

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Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.