Hassan Ayariga aka Ayaricough is Exhibiting his Ignorance Again!

Sun, 2 Oct 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It hurts psychologically, mentally and physically to see totally ignorant people, misfits of course, contesting to become the President of Ghana to represent me as my country’s president on both international and national levels. This insinuation is directed at one Hassan Ayariga of APC political party, a complete nonentity who lacks common sense but is again aspiring to become the President of Ghana after all his nonsensical show at the IEA presidential debate in 2012.

During the debate, he was not only fumbling for words to put across his views which were of course all infantile but also, jokingly coughing repeatedly in quest to tease and disturb Nana Akufo Addo each time it was Nana’s turn to answer a question, thus, put across his views and policies on how he would deal with a particular problem or situation the question relates to hence been given the infamous nickname “Ayaricough” by former President J. J. Rawlings.

This person that I shall not exercise any decorum addressing him is a complete blockhead for a number of reasons. Firstly, the fact that Nana Akufo Addo lives in his father’s house in Nima does not make him an unsuccessful person in life as is contrarily being put across by Hassan Ayariga.

Let me make it all too clear to him that in our Akan culture, if your father or whoever, bequeaths their property to you in a will, or orally, with witnesses around before they pass on into the next world, the property becomes yours without any “ifs and buts”.

Here is Nana Akufo Addo who is not materialistic unlike other people, especially, most of our present day Ghanaian politicians who have turned politics into an arena of acquiring immense, but illegal wealth, overnight. He is satisfied with what his father passed on to him in inheritance hence has never aspired to steal a pesewa from anyone or from the public coffers to add onto that in a show of living in affluence to disrespect or command others as it was once alleged to be the view of one Victoria Hamah, a Deputy Communications Minister in President Mahama’s government.

Victoria Hamah ended up getting the sack from her ministerial appointment because of a damaging private conversation which was secretly recorded and later aired on radio. She had alleged that Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Nana Oye Lithur, had influenced the Supreme Court justices sitting on the Election 2012 petition to decide the verdict in favour of President Mahama even though the available facts and evidence warranted differently. She had gone further in that conversation played on radio to say that she wanted US$1 million in her bank accounts before resigning from active politics because with such an amount of money, she could command an array of people to do her bidding at the crack of her “sausage-like fingers” – (“Les doigts de saucisse” as the French will say).

Victora Hamah said she needed US$I, 000,000 before resigning from government or active politics because with US1 million in her bank accounts, she could command people to do her bidding at the crack of her fingers. At the rate of her monthly or yearly salary/income as a Deputy Minister, how could she earn that amount of money in that little space of three to four years as she had envisaged? She could only earn that money through corrupt practices as it is the trait of almost all NDC politicians with President Mahama being at the steering wheel of that vehicle of corruption.

Nana Akufo Addo is not that type of character that is why he has been able to declare in public many a time that he is not corrupt but until today, and as we speak, no Ghanaian, I say no Ghanaian, even including that moron, Hassan Ayariga, with all his coughing and exhibition of bushman’s attitudes, has not been able to fault Nana on his bold proclamation.

Secondly, what is wrong about Nana Akufo Addo humbly begging the Ghanaian electorates to vote for him to become the President of Ghana to serve them with all sincerity and honesty? Hassan Ayariga, a little-minded lapdog of President Mahama and the NDC, although in disguise, is teasing Nana Addo for his most humble and sincere appeal to Ghanaians to vote him to power and try him to see if he would not serve them honestly with intent to achieving better standard of living, social justice and prosperity for all.

Hassan Ayariga is saying he will never beg Ghanaians or anyone to vote for him to become the President of Ghana. Let it be known to him that the bible says at Matthew 23:12 –“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted”. Additionally, God the Creator of all things visible and invisible is known throughout the bible to have nominated certain servants of His in the capacity of prophets to visit us, especially, to visit the Israelites when they sinned, to plead with them to run away from their sins to be saved.

Why would God seek to beg or plead with mortal beings, His handiwork, to reform or refrain from their sins but not just let them continue sinning and in the end punish them during the Day of Judgment? It is because of his love for, and cares about, us. If you care about your children, you will continue pleading with them to refrain from certain bad habits but not say, I do not care whatever happens to them so let them carry on with their bad attitudes and suffer the consequences of their actions.

This question is food for thought to be digested by Hassan and his like-minded little minds who double as jokers if not imbeciles. If your child refuses to eat for whatever reason, not sick of course, will you beg the child to eat or you will simply say you do not care for after all if he or she eats; the food goes into their stomach to revitalize them but not you? Will you leave the child or watch him or her starve him or herself to death? For Hassan Ayariga, as bad and inexperienced parent as he is, he would leave the child to starve him or herself, if I do understand very well his anti-begging views against Nana Akufo Addo.

Out of love for Ghanaians and the fatherly care Nana Akufo Addo has for us, he is compelled to beg us to give him the chance to come to serve us, that is, to come and alleviate the hardships brought to bear upon us by the corrupt attitudes and practices by the current government.

If one reads the book of Hosea in the bible, one will fully understand the point I am trying to put across regarding how God loves us so much so that He always finds a means to assist us by pleading with us and sending His prophets with eternal messages to us to the point of once sending His only Beloved Son to come and die as a remission of sins for humankind.

From the little said, Ayaricough must see himself as the biggest fool in Ghana’s politics today. He can continue to sell his conscience to President Mahama for money, display his total ignorance and lack of intelligence through his pronouncements of indirect malevolence towards Nana Akufo Addo, however, the discerning ones know where he is coming from and heading towards; a senseless stomach politician living in the cloud cuckoo land.

Finally, he talks about setting the presidential age limit at 65 years above which one may no longer be eligible to contest for the presidency of Ghana. With Nana Akufo Addo, his probably avowed enemy’s age in mind, and knowing he is 72 years old, this same ignoramus comes up with that silly suggestion.

Does Ayariga not know that old age is an indication of wisdom and with aging come experience and wisdom? Because he is not that old enough, he can only always fool himself coughing when he is not really under any cough seizure. He can also always come up with silly suggestions to indicate to rational beings that this guy is indeed a fool.

To conclude, many a discerning Ghanaian will any day any time prefer an old incorruptible, wise, competent, dynamic, dedicated and caring old man to a young man who is unprecedentedly corrupt, incompetent, uncaring, callous and clueless, as the president of a country. Therefore, Hassan Ayariga of APC must grow up because he has been behaving worse than a toddler for far too long!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson