Hassan Ayariga, put on your thinking cap.

Sat, 1 Oct 2016 Source: Bombande, Emmanuel

Dear,Ayariga, greetings from my corner of the world. From where I am seated,I can see that you feel very proud as the flag bearer of the All People's Congress (APC).That is very great,you deserve it,and to crown it all, you have the mandate of the few unreasonable political "donkey zoots" who have sold their conscience for the benefit of their stomachs.

Comrades, one that has compelled my phalanges to to clinch onto my pic pen this morning is one of the news papers headlines that read "Nana Addo is my target-Hassan Ayariga".I was perplexed when I read that story.

From the caption of this episode, it is very clear in my mind that about 99% of my readers will tag me as either a member of political party A,B or C.But that is not necessary, all that matters is that,I am a Ghanaian and I'm entitled to my own opinion. However, let me be very quick to add that,I am fully aware of the dangers to which this piece of writing will expose me just in case I am misunderstood or deliberately misreported or better still mischievously quoted out of context.

In 2012,you coined for yourself the sobriquet name "Ayariga cough" by deliberately destructing Nana Addo on the institute of economic affair's (IEA) platform following a brown envelope you received from your pay masters. In 2016,you come again in that same manner taking the foot prints of the confused and incompetent president, making Nana Addo your target instead of going for the ultimate.

Hmmm!asem beba dabi.

Anyway, some of us see these useless attacks on Nana Addo as the New Patriotic Party(NPP) snatching victory from the wicked claws of the ruling government. Unfortunately for you,even though our mouths are not big as your's, we can still be heard very loud at the polls.

With all due respect,Mr.flag bearer of the All People Congress(APC),"be a man of vision, be an epitome of selfless ambition",for a man full of aspirations sees beyond his miscropic environment.

"A word to the wise,is enough".

Bombande Emmanuel.

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel