Have A Relationship Not A Religion From Now.

Sat, 25 Dec 2010 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

Three young Ghanaian gentlemen living in Toronto-Ontario, decided to meet normally on weekends at a popular cafeteria in Jane and Finch intersection.

As they agreed to meet in the evenings, the main agenda for their coming together was to discuss their chances of getting better living as well as share ideas of opportunities they can explore together to their benefits.

One was called Sammy, the next one was called Tony and the third person was called Ben.

These guys decided to quickly put the bad experiences they went through and the near death trip they embarked to their new destination Canada behind them and start new life all over by struggling to find job and establish a decent life for their families.

No matter how good or bad the weather may be for the day, they meet on time to discuss issues. With mug of coffee each sitting in front of them, they begin to discuss issues of the day by first checking out what was the latest news in the community.

“Oh I just heard that Yaw’s company is hiring new people can we go there and try? A guy hinted me about a factory hiring new people in Brampton should we go there and try it too? Well the employment agency next door has assured me of job from Monday should I include your names” are some of the issues they discuss at their meetings.

This plan adopted by these three guys worked to perfection as in a short period they all landed permanent jobs and started to establish decent lives for their families. So wonderful they never stopped meeting or canceled their meetings after having landed good job placement.

Sammy, Tony and Ben kept on meeting and their gathering started to attract other friends to also participate and share good ideas. Now the meeting has began to change topics from job search to how to make more money to go and settle back home after several years of hard working in a snow country.

Keen on finding a solution to that demand, they kept on meeting and looking into other opportunities that will work to their satisfaction. Then came this day where whiles discussing the issue, Ben chip in this question,” relationship and religion which one will you choose?

First to answer was Tony who said, he will choose religion leaving Sammy to go for relationship. Tony gave the reason why he will choose religion as a Christian who has been helped by God to establish now is the time to commit part of his finances to the growth of the church.

Ben also said he preferred choosing a relationship because having been blessed by God to have decent life it was time for him to establish a relationship and continue to live a decent life.

After their submissions, Sammy never said one was wrong or right but shared a smile with them and thanked them for their submissions.

Here, with a lot of maturity, Sammy urged his colleagues to have relationship over religion since that will let them survive in these turbulent times of their life.

Sounding more biblical on that day, Sammy went on to challenge his friends that currently in the world, if one does not have a relationship and in fact an intimate one with Jesus Christ, life will never be better for him. He will struggle throughout but could never make ends meet in whatever way.

Sammy referred his friends to the bible where from Genesis to Revelations God demonstrated how he established intimate relationship with man and through that they achieved success in their lives.

He said,” look at how God intimately related with Adam and Eve, Moses, Abraham and all the prophets who performed wonders to his glory. Look at how God intimately related with Jesus Christ, his disciples after Jesus has been taken back up to heaven, look at Paul, John the Baptist and the rest”.

“They had an intimate relationship with God the father, Jesus Christ the son and Holy spirit which made them successful in everything that they did” he challenged out.

Looking at his two brothers nodding their heads, Sammy lowered it down to Jesus Christ, how he demonstrated intimate relationship with him to others and the benefits they reaped afterwards.

First he referred to the biblical story where the children were being prevented from seeing Jesus Christ by the elders. Jesus Christ rebuked them and asked that they be allowed to come onto him for they were the true inheritance of heaven. The children knew no evil and good but knew that relationship with Christ was the best and Jesus blessed them

Another story was how Zacheous the tax collector climbed the tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus he wanted to establish relationship with. He was a rich tax collector but realized that despite all his money a relationship with Christ will make his life better rewarding and yes, Jesus established a relationship with him by first sleeping in his house.

He did not forget the story of the 12 people who were suffering from leprosy, the blind man begging by the river and the woman who was bleeding who all realized that when they establish a relationship with Christ their problems were going to be solved and really when they did they had a transformation in their lives.

Readers, it is time man has to establish an intimate relationship with God and not just a relationship. It is time one has to go down on his knees and pray without ceasing for the atonement of sins going on in the world.

As demonstrated in the biblical statements, all those who established intimate relationship with God either were rich or poor but when they came closer to him they had a different lifestyle full of peace, joy and happiness from God.

Yes it is good to have a religion but it is just identification group or society you will belong. Being a Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican nor Catholic will not make you have riches in this world or send you to heaven.

Rather having an intimate relationship with Christ will direct you how to follow his words, hate evil and love righteousness. He will live in you and you will live in him. Your life will be whole and you will be sure of a place in heaven when the trumpet sounds.

As we celebrate the giving of the savior Jesus Christ to die and save mankind from worldly sin, the true meaning of Christmas, let us establish an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ so that our life will be in accordance to his words for us to live a successful life on earth as we transit through this place to heaven.

Merry Christmas to all my readers and all mankind and let the peace of the lord which passes all understanding be enjoyed now and forever more.


Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.