Have Ghanaians not had enough of NDC's deceptions & shenanigans?

Sun, 28 Feb 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Time constraints have lately adversely affected my natural propensity to publish and share political views with interested Ghanaians who hanker for truth. I hope my fans and the reading public who greatly admire my expressions of truth, warnings and advice all geared toward achieving what is best for Ghana will understandably bear with me on this my temporary but unintentional seclusion from the internet news portal.

Upon all the vividly established failures, blatantly exhibited acts of incompetence and shameless perpetration of corruption by President Mahama and his NDC government, the NDC party faithful still dream of winning election 2016 hands down. With this mentality of theirs, I am compelled to ask them this question, what and who do they take Ghanaians for?

Do they not take the entirety of Ghanaians for imbeciles who do not sleep with their head on pillows hence cannot reason like intelligent human beings?

President Mahama and his NDC government have taken both external (from IMF, World Bank, China, European countries etc.) and internal (from various banks in Ghana) loans that have overwhelmed the understanding of even the most patient but discerning Ghanaian.

For all the income or revenue his government has generated coupled with the big loans he has taken and keeps taking, what and where are things he can point to in justification of such huge monies coming into the nation's coffers?

The NDC government boasts of having constructed roads, built schools and hospitals that exceedingly dwarfs the achievements of the late President Dr Kwame Nkrumah let alone, his (President Mahama's) immediate predecessors. However, the question most of the intelligent people ask is, where are these infrastructural developments taking place? Many Ghanaians would want to know.

From my perspective based on inference to what some people from the very localities and are knowledgeable of the situation on the ground come on air to say in counter to such claims of completion of infrastructural developments in the areas, President Mahama is simply deceiving Ghanaians.

Most of the projects he presumes to have realised are either non-existent, not started, not completed or simply constructed by his predecessors but he has only added paint touches to them. To exonerate him from blame, let him publish all his completed, half-completed and just started projects, indicating precisely their location and at what cost.

After the country going through unprecedented power outages and load shedding come to be known in the Ghanaian Akan parlance as "dumsor" with its disastrous effect on Ghanaians, the President and the NDC are requesting Ghanaians to applaud them for solving the problem at long last. This is silly!

Even the most stupid Ghanaian ever to exist can manage the dumsor the way the President has gone about it. Squander all the money. Go and borrow money from the international world at heavy interest rate. Go and loan power barges at astronomical cost, increase the monthly electricity bills for every user/home by 60%+ prior to the power barges commencing to function, leave heavy debt to the yet unborn children or generation to pay. Who cannot do this? Yet the President is happy saying that he has fixed but not managed the dumsor. This is in his dreams as a low achiever and an exceedingly incompetent President.

Has he taken stock of how small, medium and large scale industries have collapsed, people dead from inhaling carbon monoxide from their privately owned power generators while asleep, many people made redundant because of the collapse of their manufacturing companies and the spate of armed robberies in the country because of the overwhelming joblessness in Ghana, all come about by the dumsor? What is President Mahama with his NDC government telling discerning Ghanaians? They must be joking!

Fellow Ghanaians, the wise old people used to say, "Once bitten, twice shy" We should know who President Mahama and his NDC are by now. They only believe in propaganda to running the nation. When it is a goat, they say it is a cow. When it is a hen, they say it is a sheep. When it is an old banger, they say it is a new 4 x 4 car - courtesy of Baba Jamal, an NDC MP and Deputy Government Minister.

The visionless President and party must not be given any further chance to ruin Ghana through deliberate acts of thievery, incompetence and selective justice. If you agree with me, please give me a high five wherever you are!

What is a High Five? It is "a ?greeting or an ?expression of ?admiration in which two ?people each ?raise a ?hand above ?their ?shoulder and ?bring the ?fronts of ?their ?hands together with ?force"

President Mahama must go out of political power come 7th November 2016. All those who agree with me must say AMEN!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson