Have You any Problem with TWI?

Fri, 18 Oct 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

- Then Bugger off! ? To start with, be it known to those Ghanaians with avidness for spoken English as their mother tongue, jealously boasting of their fluency in the "Queen’s language", that once a famous Englishman clearly stated his views to put such people in their rightful place. He said, "Englishness belongs to the English people. Some people, countries, and cultures may learn English, eat and speak like the English people, yet English and Englishness still belong to the English people". This is synonymous with say, a Black man and more particularly a Ghanaian, who through naturalisation has acquired British, French or American nationality and is vehemently joyously insisting he/she is one of them (white) in every sense of the word, whereas sadly enough, his/her skin colour gives him/her conspicuously away even in the darkest of nights. ? ? Being a proud Ghanaian, and of course an Akan, so to speak an Ashanti, I can state without looking over my shoulder to check who is lurking behind me that to most Ghanaians residing in Ghana, "The knowledge of English is the criterion of a man's great learning". Not being rude to anyone, I know of or have personally encountered instances of Ghanaians who are able to speak English fluently but cannot string words together to construct simple correct English sentences. ? ? Why are some Ghanaians, especially those from the minority tribes, principally the Ewes, always resisting the truthful dominance of TWI as the near-official or the "unofficial official" language in Ghana? Twi is spoken, or understood, by about 70% of the current population of Ghana. Almost all the Media houses in Ghana, thanks to the farsightedness of Dr Osei Kwame Despite (owner of the Despite Group of Companies including Peace FM radio station) from Agona Wiamoase in the Ashanti region, diffuse their news and almost all their programmes in TWI. Whether the enemies of the spread of Twi like Summer (Dry season) bushfire like it or not, the language will keep spreading to encompass them sooner than later. ? ? Those that feel shy and annoyed to be identified with Twi speaking, rather than at worst getting embarrassed when curiously questioned if in this day and age of the spread of Twi throughout Ghana, they are still unable to speak Twi, should please listen to me. No matter how deep they bury their heads in the sand like ostriches to avoid acknowledging the truthful status of things or issues, Twi has come to reign supreme in Ghana. There is nothing that can be done by acts of pure malevolence, tribal wrangling emanating from inferiority complexes to culminate in the rubbing of shoulders to determine which Ghanaian language is supreme. Nothing can put abrupt brakes on the spread of Twi. ? ? Some Ghanaians think by speaking English will make them English people. Yes, they can look like English but they will never be English. Their colour of skin and oftentimes weird "Skin pain" character will tell it all. ? ? It is sad that far smaller countries than Ghana have their own native language used as their national language. Nevertheless, that is not the case with Ghana. One native language, Twi, has against all odds emerged as the predominant language among the numerous others yet, a few those intrinsically tribal oriented want us believe it the other way round. I wish them good luck in their parochial, if not devilish, pursuit. ? ? It is rather unfortunate that none of the Ghanaian leaders since the independence of Ghana, has had the farsightedness, fortitude and resolute determination to see the relevance, imposition and implementation of one of our numerously spoken local languages or dialects as our national language. Would such a move not have mitigated against the mischievous tribal wrangling being waged by the Ewes to assert their superiority that exists only in their minds? ? ? If by the twist of fate, coupled with the evil machinations of certain Akans with some chiefs inclusive, that political power has come to reside in the bosom of some people, it does not necessarily mean they can wage a war to stop the spread of Twi. They can go to hell if they do not want to be asked whether or not they understand Twi. I suggest they had better take refuge in the "Black hole of Calcutta" to leave the progressives alone to speak and spread the Twi language. ? ? With one of the dialects selected and imposed on Ghanaians, there would no longer be any further experience of bitter tribalism with its concomitant evilness that is so pronounced today. We are exposed to malicious tribalism that is retarding the socio-politico-economic emancipation of Ghana. With one language, not English of course, there would not be any distinction between an Ashanti, Brong (Bono), Fanti, Nzema, Ga, Ewe and Dogomba. They will all in the next hundred years following such a noble move, be known as Ghanaians with one tribal descent by the future generations. Imagine how great the joy of people living together without animus tribal sentiments will be. In unity and brotherliness, they can achieve a lot and if it was not so, God would not have destroyed the Tower of Babel. ? ? Unity is strength. Divisiveness is doom. Therefore, the maxim, "In unity we stand. In division we fall"

? Dear brothers and sisters, do we aspire to take the shackles of slavery from our mind? Do we yearn to progress in life as our contemporary Whites have collectively selflessly done? If we do, then let us shun our stupid hostile tribal views to allow the strength of one strong unifying language start to bring us together under one fold.

? I will come back to treat this TWI topic in broader detail. Do not forget my catchphrase – HATE ME, BUT FOR A GOOD REASON!

? I dedicate this write-up to the unknown lovers – the fans of the "no nonsense" man, of course.

? Rockson Adofo ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson