Have the gods and the People rejected Kumawuhemaa?

Mon, 16 Dec 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The aftermath of the failed untraditional, but cunning initiative by Kumawuhemaa to enthrone one Dr Sarfo, the sole candidate of her choice as Kumawuhene is very unpalatable. Two successive incidents portending doom to Kumawuhemaa after her surreptitious attempt to forcibly impose a candidate on Kumawuman have taken place.

One of them is being accorded superstitious interpretation indicating that the days of Kumawuhemaa on the throne are numbered. The days of her insolence, tyranny, lack of foresight and nonchalance about the welfare of Kumawuman and the inhabitants therein are galloping to a catastrophic end.

On Monday, 9 December 2013, a great number of military and police personnel with a sizeable number of the so-called strongmen called macho men descended upon Kumawu like a swarm of bees. This had been made possible by the secret arrangements of Kumawuhemaa in collusion with unknown persons pulling the strings from behind the screen.

Had her mischievous plot succeeded, she would have proved beyond anyone’s stretch of imagination how stupid the citizens of Kumawu Traditional Council area are, and how uniquely strong she is to have her own way in whatever she decides doing.

On exiting Krontihene’s house after her abortive malice on the family head of the Ananingya royal family and the Aduanahene, she had the pair of slippers she was wearing torn, come off her feet. No one had physically stood on the slippers from behind her.

Many a person with spiritual eye and understanding of spiritual things has given spiritual interpretation to it. The gods and the departed souls (“Nananom”) have dethroned her, they allege.

Moreover, on Tuesday 10 December 2013, she put on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts (knickerbockers), proceeded to one Nana Akua’s house with intent to fight her. She exchanged unprintable words, demeaning insults of course, with Nana Akua. Both were prevented from physical pugilistic contact by the Good Samaritans around. Had it not been those people around, either Kumawuhemaa or Nana Akua would have ended up on the floor rolling over and over with scratches and bruises on their face and body.

This attitude by Kumawuhemaa exchanging insults with a member of her own Ankaase family in public is again a sign that her days on the throne are near. She has lost all self-esteem. Her recent actions have cost her the respect of the people. She is now a limping queen about to fall over.

Even Mike Tyson is no longer fighting so Kumawuhemaa must hang up her boxing gloves and cease being that notorious “Lady Tyson”. Why is she fighting Nana Akua at any least opportunity?

Anyone needing further clarification can phone up to Kumawu or to either Nana Akua or Kumawuhemaa herself. Nana Akua is the younger sister of the late Kofi Dadzie.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Kumawu chieftaincy issue. More shocking revelations are on the way. Many are the dubious “Amanhene” that are cruising for bruising as long as the Kumawu case goes. They had better advise themselves before it becomes had I known to them.

Who are those that advise Kumawuhemaa? Is it “Ahenenananomhene” or she is her own advisor?

I dedicate this publication to all those persons that congregated in Kumawu on Monday, 9 December 2013, from Abenaso, Anyamesere, Amanfrom, Abotanso, Woraso, Ananingya, Bodomase, Besoro, Temaate, Pepease, Wonoo and Accra to demonstrate against Kumawuhemaa and her evil plans.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson