Have you noticed?

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Sun, 7 Aug 2016 Source: Kobina Ansah

Have you noticed that even in school… not all of us in the same class were of the same age? Did you still notice that others were younger than we were… yet sometimes performed better than we did?

Have you even noticed that there were others who were poor yet always first and others who paid their fees first and… were still last?

Have you noticed that some of your mates in high school wrote ‘NovDec’ exams and entered university earlier than you did… but eventually you got a job before some did?

Have you even noticed that some of your friends with whom you had good jobs died before 30… the same age others actually had a good job?

Have you noticed that others had their dream jobs at 40… the same age others were laid off?

Well…have you noticed that some friends married at 25 and divorced at 25 and half while others married at 35 and are still married at 40? Have you noticed that others gave birth at 22, right after marriage… and ever since haven’t given birth… while others gave birth to triplets at 45?

Have you noticed that someone who had been single for 30 years married after just months of dating while others who have dated since age 15 still have no glimpse of a wedding even at age 49 and half?

Have you noticed that someone became a superstar at 12 and before 40 died a shameful death of drug abuse while another ‘ordinary’ man died of old age at 93 and quarter?

Have you even noticed that someone drives the latest four-wheeler and has a mansion yet has no place to call a home while another man lives on the street where he excitedly calls his home after feeding on crumbs?

Have you even noticed that some kids have all the latest gadgets at home yet know no happiness while others in slums know the secrets of happiness no one knows?

Have you still noticed that others who were born into royalty ended up living like slaves while those who were born as slaves ended up living in majesty?

Have you even taken note of the fact that some students become professors when their lecturers are still doctorate degree holders?

Have you noticed that the first sometimes becomes last… and the one close to last indeed becomes first? Have you noticed that a student who was pronounced ‘dead on arrival’ in class became Albert Einstein while the best in that class was never heard of?

Have you noticed that sometimes the best teams don’t win when they should… and the worst teams don’t lose when they should? Have you noticed that the best players don’t necessarily become the best coaches… and the best coaches sometimes can’t even kick a ball!?

Did you even notice that one of the two accomplished robbers on the cross had easy access to Paradise while Judas who had been with Jesus all this while had to die a shameful death?

Have you noticed how the ruthless Saul became Paul writing almost (or more than) half of the New Testament while some of the “old players of disciples” wrote the scanty rest?

Have you noticed that this maze called life can drive you crazy with its unpredictability? Have you noticed the most important asset we may ever have in this life is not a car or house… but life? Have you noticed that what we so badly yearn to have are sometimes wants… not needs?

Have you noticed it doesn’t make sense to compare ourselves with others because what they have now, we may have later… and vice versa?

Comparing ourselves with others is like comparing apples with oranges. Though they all are fruits, they have different harvest seasons, taste, and even appearance!

We start living when we stop comparing and wishing to be like others. We start living when we get to know that just as apples and oranges have different harvest seasons, we all have different harvest seasons.

You don’t have to give up on yourself as long as you have life. Life shares its goodies to some during the day… and others at night.

All your contemporaries may have married already but surely it will be your turn soon.

Your class mates may have their dream jobs today but surely yours will come, too. Your friends may be bearing children but… yours will definitely come, too. It may not be now… but eventually it will be. All you need is life and hope.

Conditions are temporary. They have expiry dates. Whatever you are going through has a time for expiration.

It took only a day for Joseph’s brothers to bow before him without knowing they were fulfilling the dream he had told them about many years ago.

Smile. Your harvest season will surely come. Your dream shall come to pass. This life is unpredictable. It is ‘someway’. Have you noticed?

The writer is a playwright and the Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications, a writing company in Accra. (www.scribecommltd.com)

Columnist: Kobina Ansah