He’s alive and kicking – No Taxi; No 37 maternity ward

Sat, 3 Feb 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

In their minds they pictured a rerun of a scenario that sent former late President, John Evans Atta-Mills, plummeting a 6ft drop into the mysterious world of the dead to be welcomed by their previous victim, President Hila Liman, the three massacred judges of 1982, and many more victims of atrocities that they wickedly exacted on the poor people of this country. The folks of the PNDC, certainly, were hoping that under their FFF NDC (Fake Fanta Face NDC), we, the NPP, would score an own goal like they did with Atta-Mills.

Let me explain! The late president was so neglected by John Mahama and his accomplices that he was used as a clown for the leisure hours of the wicked. His mistake was to give then Vice-President, John Mahama, full powers to run the affairs of government while he was made to showcase his imminent demise by running a few steps on the tarmac as he boarded a flight to the USA for treatment. During the unfolding parody, he would be sent to Peduase Lodge at Aburi and left there all alone under the pretext of convalescence. On one occasion, he managed to escape in a taxi to take him back to the Osu Castle. Believe it or not, that was the story that went round.

However, on that fateful day that he was allegedly massacred by 15 ‘machomen’ to represent the various factions of the presidency, according to one of the various sides to the stories and the most credible too, he was strangulated with his head pushed anteriorly down to the table as he cried, “Agyei, Haba dzen! Haba dzen!” The story goes on to tell how he was huddled up in the back of a taxi and sent to the maternity ward of the 37 military hospital, where he was pronounced dead by the time the staff realised that the lifeless body was that of His Excellency the President, John Evans Atta-Mills.

That was the day of double jeopardy: the shame of having lost the President in a most befuddling and mysterious way, and the curse that followed by the ascent, a few hours later, to substantive power by a most wicked, vile, licentious, money conscious, corrupt, mischievous, incompetent, reckless, womanising drunkard, who sent the whole country on a trip to hell, much worse than that the devil burns in. John Dramani Mahama it was who succeeded the murdered President, in a ceremony that took barely a few hours to organize as if it was a preparation made and put on standby pending the execution of the plot.

We were all in Ghana when these scenarios were discussed, and like I often surmise, when you are a novice in oral sex, you almost always smell of ass! Thus, the story caught on like wildfire, burning the behinds of all those suspected to be behind the death of the unfortunate President.

Fast forward to 2018, the recent events that saw the fatigue of Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, translate into an agitation of the “Fake Fanta Face NDC”, many were the brainless, heartless, and senseless idiots who wished him calamity and death. Suffice it to say, unlike the FFF NDC, our party, the NPP, is quite empathic of its members. We are bonded brethren who might contest against one another, and in some instances, get a bit carried away, but that is very normal, after which we heal very fast for the general good. Except for the paid obstructers and detractors who would sell their mothers for a cedi or two, and they are a paltry few, all the others are masters in prudence and sense. That is so very much unlike the NDC, a party made up of educated illiterates, ignorant idiots, and foolish babies with sharp teeth. We must excoriate them always with the slimmest of hopes that they would become human again. They are witches and wizards cloaked in fine attire and some in ato-vista style “ky3nky3ma” shabby clothes.

Alhamdullah, His Excellency Vice President, Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, is back up in obvious Holy defiance to NDC’s satanic ways and occultism! Some absurd submissions were made, one of which was that he went to London for treatment and convalescence. Why is Ghana’s medicare not good enough? I say to them a big NO! No Ghana’s Medicare sucks! NPP made Medicare the best and the NDC made it the worst, otherwise, why did Atta-Mills go to the USA for treatment? Otherwise, why did John Mahama go to South Africa for treatment? Otherwise, why would the NDC knucklehead gurus go abroad for medicare? But soon medicare under the NPP would be back to over 90% efficiency, in shaa ALLAH!

The NDC should shut up, and shut up forever! We are not the kind who would kill our President or Vice-President, as they best know how! NPP takes a heinous situation from incompetent John Mahama, and turns it into a blessing and success story, one that the world is in awe of. Even the World Bank has confidently affirmed that in 2018, Ghana will be the biggest growing economy in the world. The whole world heard it, and if the NDC did not, I wouldn’t be surprised. They are yet to swipe out the wax from their filthy ears and take the logs out of their “brown eyes”!

#DrBawumiaWelcomeBack #GODlovesyou

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi