Heads must roll – Sanitise BOST now or else!

Fri, 30 Jun 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

The many calls for the transformation of government institutions are not intrusive one bit, but actually necessary in light of the recurrence of some mistakes that Ghanaians kicked against by extricating the rubbish NDC from our behind. I am horrified at the recent happenings at BOST. The new kid on the block, CEO - Albert Obeng, seems to have naively fallen into the NDC pit of shame. Apparently, he let down his guard, forgetting for a moment how diabolical members of that party are.

Albert Obeng, however, was advised by the CEO of NPA, to desist from his imminent act of selling or moving contaminated fuel from the BOST depot to various destinations. That was upon a tip off that the he got. Subsequently, at about midnight June 19, the latter called Obeng to advise him appropriately. Sometimes, the TKS (too known syndrome or ego) of office holders blur their vision, and they begin to commit the same blunders that their predecessors were uprooted for.

Now that the scandal has hit the nation with the issue of contaminated fuel, irrespective of Obeng’s innocence or guilt, the fact that he lacks the sense of judgment and prudence to manage that hot seat, must inform him to voluntarily step aside or be sacked. If this had happened in Great Britain or Europe where Obeng spent most of his years before he was generously doled this position at the expense of those who suffered the rigours of campaign in the bush and villages, the officer in charge would have resigned voluntarily. Unfortunately, with us Africans, we are recalcitrant and unbudging. We never learn!

I do not care what is being said in defense of him, but the very fact that he goofed big time should be his ticket to the door through which he must exit. I am advocating for his immediate dismissal. I could have said that in softer terms like, “he should be relieved off his duties”, but let the warning sound hard enough to open the eyes of politicians who are backing this unprofessional person.

He cannot behave like the NDC freaks who were responsible for the damage of tens of thousands of vehicles due to their greed, negligence and fraudulent deals, importing and selling contaminated products only to worsen the plight of the Ghanaian. He cannot try to take innocent people down with him especially that the NPA issued a disclaimer, distancing itself from the fraud at BOST. He was warned severally but did not heed, and where it would have been prudent and wise to seek counsel, his ego, apparently, finally killed the cat.

“There are many ways to kill a cat,” a saying popularly advertised by the thieves of the NDC. If Albert Obeng was not smart to have averted such a blow from the cat killers and eaters of the NDC, then he cannot and should not continue in this office because his continuous presence there can substantially mar the integrity of our government.

He should be sacked with immediate effect. Heads must begin to roll in this administration, and now, now, now!!!

I, still, do not understand why the government is being lackadaisical about setting up boards to bring the institutions into proper function. Six months of principled governance, yet most boards are still not in place. While we waste time appointing those boards, old charlatans, still in office, are colluding and conniving with the devil and his surrogate family members in the NDC to bring our NPP administration into disrepute.

The BOSTgate is a precursor to what will be happening frequently. NDC criminals in office must either be sacked or transferred. This is a basic contingency plan that they used against us as soon as they took office in 2009. NPP faithfuls were sacked, transferred, and caused to suffer the maltreatment of evil mongers of the NDC. We have, so far, been very charitable, keeping them in office and sometimes favouring others over our very own.

I say to my dear NPP government, “give us a good reason to continue!”

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi