Health insurance is for all.

Wed, 12 Jun 2013 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

By: Stephen A. Quaye.

A health insurance expert Princess Osisiadan-Quaye [Mrs.] has observed that health insurance is not a luxury but rather a necessity for every individual to sign and receive quality health care in his or her life time.

She gave the reason that, medical emergencies are becoming very expensive the world over and if one have a medical emergency without insurance finds himself with a crippling amount of debt and seemingly no way out of the debt.

Princess Osisiadan Quaye [Mrs.] who is the operations manageress of Empire Mutual Health Insurance, made the observation when commenting about the recent high medical emergencies and the need for all to have health insurance with this reporter.

According to her, the faulty reasoning of some people is that they can pay for things as they go instead of worrying about insurance premiums and co-payments on the way.

However, she pointed out that this is a faulty reasoning since it is essential for everyone to have some form of insurance in order to be able to access medical emergencies no matter how costly they are.

The health insurance expert stated that,” medical emergencies world over are expensive. If you have medical emergency and do not have insurance, you find yourself with a crippling medical debt which there would be no way to pay such debt”.

She explained that minor things can turn into bigger things as well and if one does not have insurance avoid going in and getting treated for the little things which escalates into bigger things quickly.

Accordingly, preventive medicine and quick treatment is one of the best ways to avoid long hospital stays adding “if you have insurance, then you will not worry about such things”.

Princess Osisiadan-Quaye [Mrs.] finally advised the youth who feels that they are safe and relatively healthy and choose to go without health insurance not to make such mistake and start looking for a good and low cost insurance to sign for now.




Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.