Heckling and lies peddling – NDC brings Ghana shame as usual

Tue, 3 Oct 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

I have learned of the attack on the person of Gabby Otchere-Darko by the most abusive NDC charlatans as he strode along a New York road at the time that our President, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, made Ghana proud at the United Nations General Assembly.

Though some ten days or so have elapsed, it does not make irrelevant the urgency of this post.

Well, I would have thought that the NDC devils would have bottled and capped their satanic behaviour in New York lest the world thought that we were all the same in Ghana. Verily, we are not at all.

Being NDC is synonymous to foolishness, crime, vice, and many more traits of a more customised sort of evil borne out of genetically embedded malice that knows no bounds. That is why the devil takes a holiday when it has to deal with NDC zombies. It knows they are more capable in a superiorly devious manner than satanically possible.

Anyway, instead of heckling a proud son of the land for no crime of his at all, levelling upon him unfounded accusations, total lies by all measures and reason, they should be worrying about their impending deportation from the USA.

The NDC devils have soon forgotten that they were the ones that charged colossal amounts of money to see the incompetent John Mahama during his disastrous days as President, ranging in the hundreds of thousands. This is the same shamed ex-president, who, allegedly, gave instructions to the demonstrating bootlickers to heckle and insult NPP persons in NewYork.

Such abuse defines nothing less than hatred, diabolism, and chronic intolerance for democracy. When the NDC charlatans were robbing prospective investors and charging them such huge amounts to see Ministers and others, Ghanaians watched and took note.

Well, those NDC haters of Ghana living in NewYork, slanging and calling themselves Americans from Bronx (they clownishly pronounce it “broz”), when they are finally expelled shamefully from Trump country in shackles and chains, we will be here in Accra to make a Blockbuster, “)tanfo )bonsamfo) 3mpe y3n man” Parts I, II, and III.

The NDC Chief of Staff, Julius Deborah, was banned by the US Government and many more European nations from entering their borders, because he allowed freaks like the demonstrators access into the USA by abusing the protocols of his office.

These were the same NDC stowaways who escaped to the US from Brazil after shipping them like sardines to watch the world cup. You will soon be thrown out of America to be dined on by the sharks of the Atlantic coast.

Gabby, has shown great maturity in the wake of the shameful attack on his person by the apologists of the NDC. That alone should tell any level headed person that John Mahama, the financier of these hooligans, is just dramatically uncouth.

Gabby should continue with his law work and shrug off the menace of the fools. After all, history has already condemned them to its dumpster and the heavens have rejected them from the golden doors. They will go to hell, in shaa ALLAH.

)tanfo ny3 nyame…

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi