Opinions Mon, 7 Jan 2013

Hello Mr President

I will like to first of all congratulate President John Dramani Mahama on his election as the president of our dear nation Ghana. As Ghanaian look forward to President Mahama naming his team for his government I would like him to view his position as a football coach building a team for a tournament.

We heard in the media during the Christmas holidays that certain people in certain high places in our nation were trying to lobby for places in the Mahama team for themselves and their relatives. We heard the lobbying was so intense that President Mahama could not rest in his own house after a hectic political campaigning season hence his departure to South Africa during the Christmas holidays with his family.

As we all know, when a football team does well much of the credit goes to the coach and when the team flops the blame in the same way goes to coach and in most instances leads to the sacking of the coach.

I would like President Mahama to draw lessons from what happens in football circles when it comes to selection of players in our national team. We always hear stories of F.A officials trying to impose players on our national team coaches and when that is done the coach ends up assembling players who are not qualified to be in the national team, this has normally resulted in poor performances by our national teams on many occasion and when this happens everybody pushes the blame on the coach forgetting that he was not giving the chance to assemble the qualified materials for his team.

I want to believe that President Maham is going to be a “coach” who will stand his grounds and select the best materials available in the country irrespective of their party, religious or ethnic background to serve on his team. I also want to remind President Mahama that as he selects members of his team, he should have 2016 in mind because his chances of being reelected in 2016 depends on the team he works with for the next four years.

Just as coach who becomes a hero and successful through hard work can loss his credibility and the name he has made for himself through the performance and attitude of his players so can President Mahama also lose the support and trust Ghanaians have imposed in him to lead us through the kind of attitude, utterances and performance of his team.

With all these said, I hope and believe President Mahama as an experienced Politician and leader will select the best team that would work effectively for the development of our dear mother Ghana.

I wish the Mahama administration all the best in the coming four years.



Columnist: Yeboah, Kenneth Nii