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Hello feminists, care to swap places with us?

Feminism Men Women God created men differently from women. We have our strengths and you have yours.

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

Yes, women are unfairly treated sometimes. Society undermines them and makes them more accountable in many areas than us men: we agree.

From the days of our ancestors, men have always gotten away with infidelity but it remains highly impossible for a woman to cheat on her husband and still be in the home when she’s found out.

We know there are a lot of issues to correct in our society for women to contribute their quota in a more significant way than they currently do.

But before you fight us for your right, please pay attention to this:

Early this year, a lady was stripped naked in Kumasi for allegedly stealing a phone. The entire nation condemned the act to the extent that The Minister of Gender and Social Protection offered to help her.

It is no news when a suspected thief is stripped naked, beaten and even killed as long as he is a man. In fact, we see them get beaten, stripped naked and tell ourselves that they deserve it.

A few weeks after, there was the Marwako incident and we all know how it turned.

About a month after the Marwako scandal, news broke about a young guy by the name Patrick who got paralyzed after a poorly-fixed Bill Board belonging Medx Media fell on him.

No one fought for Patrick because painfully, he is a man and remains bedridden today without receiving his fair share of justice from the company whose negligence brought his youthful active life to a standstill.

No media house made it an issue for discussion and no politician spoke about the incident. Maybe, if there was a Minister who represented men, he would have benefited.

In Nigeria for instance, Boko Haram has abducted more men than women but the only abductees we know of, are the chibok girls because they are not chibok boys.

We get up for women to sit when chairs are scarce. When danger lurks, men are pushed to face it and protect the women. When we take care of our kids, it is seen as our duty: when a woman does same, she gets all the praise in the world because as the man, it is mine to take care of the family. This is why when women do same, they get a lot of credit.

The same society that tells you not to go to school or choose certain careers is the very society that pushes the ordinary man to work beyond his strength for the good of the family

The same society that says ‘some things are for men only’ is the very society that pushes the guy who never won a fight against girls not to cry even if that is only what will liberate him.

The average man dies earlier than the woman because he goes through hell in effort to live up to society’s standards of manhood.

If women like real equality: will they accept to be treated as men? (You know what that means right?)

God created men differently from women. We have our strengths and you have yours. Feminists should channel their energy towards encouraging women to excel in their area of strength.

As long as they see themselves in competition with men, our young ladies will lose the essence of their gender and the qualities they have been blessed with and keep dancing half naked in music clips for fully dressed men and still get less than 10% what the men get.

Women should accept being women and make the most of their God-given potential. Feminist should be able to encourage young ladies to work with their talent and desist from using their sexuality as bargaining chip or appeal.

These are the issues of concern that they should address. Seeing feminism as a battle for equality with men won't make women any better off because there's no competition and we don't see them as our competitors.

God created his world with roles for every creature to ensure there is a balance. The perfect case is both sexes working in their areas of strength and not trying to outdo each other.

We are not your biggest problem, most men do for women favours they would never do for men.

The worse treatment meted out against women in most cases is from these same women.

You are your own worst enemies.

For us, we love you and you know it.

Columnist: Isaac Kyei Andoh