Help Ghana Overcome Her Challenges or Else Shut Up!

Sun, 20 Dec 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I must confess, Ghana is drowned in challenges up to the point of suffocating, if not dying. However, I get peeved when the NDC government Ministers, Communication Team members, and their paid agents and assigns go on-air to, or at their press conferences do, arrogantly, declare that it is the obligatory duty of all Ghanaians to help solve the problems facing Ghana.

Yes, where one has rights to enjoy, one has equal measure of duties or responsibilities to perform. However, the way and manner in which the NDC President, government and party members, do communicate their views to us amid the show of stubbornness, nonchalance to the economic plight faced by Ghanaians and lies meant to insult the intelligence of discerning Ghanaians, gets to me.

Let me ask them a few questions of which I demand answers from them.

What are the challenges being faced by Ghana?

How did Ghana come to face these challenges?

When did Ghana come to be confronted with these challenges?

What has the NDC government been doing to overcome the said challenges?

Are some of the challenges not the destructively erratic power supply or power outages faced by Ghanaians; lack of potable water to many towns and villages; joblessness faced by the people; unprecedented insecurity caused by armed robbery; official corruption masterminded and spearheaded by the government and her agents and assigns through shady and shoddy businesses; the practice of selective justice; stinking judicial corruption and "create, loot and share" judgment debt payments? The challenges will keep on going without ever ending should I dare decide to list all of them.

Has Ghana not come thus far to face the above mentioned challenges, just the tip of the iceberg, because of the mismanagement through clearly established acts of corruption by President Mahama and his government? Does the President not prefer to place square pegs in round holes when appointing his Government Ministers and the heads of the public services? Does he not prefer to appoint his tribesmen most of whom have proved themselves incompetent and extremely corrupt to appointing qualified men and women who may unfortunately not come from his northern extraction? I am not being tribalistic but simply stating the facts as they are.

One thing I know about the government is her infatuation with inflating the cost of projects or awarding contracts to her cronies at inflated prices in what may be called underhand dealings – "create, loot and share".

The money that could have been used to solve say, the problem of dumsor that has culminated in the folding up of both small and large scale industries leading to workers losing their jobs through redundancies, has been embezzled through fraudulent acts by President Mahama, his government and cronies. The scarcity of jobs in the country has given rise to armed robberies resulting in not only the loss of precious properties, but also, costing the victims their lives sometimes.

If the deliberate acts of corruption, incompetence and mismanagement of Ghana by the President and his NDC-led government has brought about the numerous challenges facing the country, why should the ordinary Ghanaians bear the brunt of their official corruption and ineptitude?

How on earth do the NDC communicators and their government appointees expect us to merrily dip our hands deep into our pockets to pay for their apparent corruption and abuse of power through absurd price hikes in our utility bills and other services rendered to the public by the government?

When these communicators go on-air, they talk as though it is an inescapable obligation by every Ghanaian to pay up regardless of their feelings. While they require us to tighten up our belts, these NDC guys are loosening theirs to gulp down Ghana's money through corruption to grow or develop potbellies ("sika fro").

There is not a passing day that we do not hear the NDC government involving herself in one act of corruption or the other. It really pisses me off when I hear them make utterances as if they have done nothing wrong but Ghanaians have, hence our obligation to ensure that the challenges are overcome.

So, does "aboa ketre kowe ne mako ma aboa aponkyereni kote hoo nfifre?" This is the situation in which Ghanaians are living at the moment in President Mahama's NDC-Ghana. When you commit the crime, be prepared to do the time. Those "oga chopping Ghana sika nyafo nyafo, waka waka" must themselves deal with the teeming challenges facing the country. Contrarily, President Mahama and his government are even though squandering Ghana's money as if tomorrow never comes, they expect the innocent poor Ghanaians to pay for the consequences of their irresponsible acts.

Ghanaians must ensure that President Mahama and his NDC government and party do pay dearly for mismanaging Ghana through acts of official corruption and absolute exhibition of incompetence.

Is it not said, "He who pays the piper calls the tune" (If you are paying for someone's services, you can dictate exactly what you want that person to do)? Why it is that Ghanaians have employed President Mahama by voting him to power to execute some duties yet he turns round to tell them he will not listen to them because they have never been Presidents of Ghana before? Do you see any sense in his behaviour vis-à-vis the proverb just quoted above?

Those who created the challenges must deal with them. Failing to deal with them, Ghanaians must vote them out, period! We should no longer tolerate incompetent and corrupt leaders who disrespect their mandate and the people of Ghana with passion.

I dedicate this publication to all discerning Ghanaians.

Rockson Adofo

(Written on Thursday 17 December 2015)

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson