Helping President Mahama to Get out of the Ditch

Sat, 5 Oct 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It is about time I helped President Mahama and the NDC get out of the socio-economic abyss they have plunged the country into, and continue to ensure Ghana stays in there until Thy Kingdom comes. The problems with President Mahama are similar to those of most of the Ghanaian and sister African Presidents and governments. These problems among hundreds of others are:

1. As soon as they are elected into office amid dubiety or genuinely, right from the word “GO” on the first day of assuming office, they straightaway think about how to win the next upcoming elections in four or five years’ time.

2. They start putting in place structures, illegal ones of course, towards ensuring they win the next future elections. They involve in official corrupt practices, of which, a good example in the case of Ghana and under the NDC government is the infamous “judgment debt payments” to raise illegal funds for their party. If that was not the case, how come that one Alfred Agbesi Woyome , who on self-confession says he neither signed a contract with, nor worked for, Ghana government on CAN 2008, availed himself of GHC51.2 Million that the Courts still find it difficult convicting him for duping the country let alone, the government retrieving the money from him?

3. They appoint their government Ministers not necessarily on merit of who is capable of doing the job but who is a loudmouth to defend their roguishness, incompetence and mediocrity

4. They appoint their Ministers and Deputy Ministers on tribal sentiments for reasons only best known to them. This is obvious under the still questionable presidency of President John Dramani Mahama. If all the appointees were qualified and are able to do the job honestly competently, then who cares about their tribal backgrounds but they are not. Most are square pegs wobbling in round holes

5. They most often see their critics as damned enemies only good for extermination or shoved away. They do not listen to them. They do not want to have anything done with them.

6. They do not believe in delivering on their spelt-out manifesto or electioneering promises to sailing successfully through to winning the next or future elections but rather believe in resorting to dubious means of rigging to winning future elections.

The above are a few of the doings and reasons why President Mahama today finds himself in a difficult situation having driven the vehicular economy of the country into a very dangerous ditch.

I am going to offer him advice on how best to get the vehicle back on to the road if and only if, he will do as proposed. It SHALL be well with him if he would LISTEN and DO as admonished. He MUST do as following:

a. Focus on delivering on his flagship mantra of “Better Ghana Agenda”. It should be more realistic than the ongoing shambolic, deceitful and propaganda-churned out one.

b. Appoint Ministers, Deputy Ministers etc. on merit. Those selfless enough and are capable of doing the job to the satisfactory expectation of the majority of Ghanaians are to be offered the positions

c. Do not stringently dwell on a false perception of ensuring the betterment of a section of the country over and above the others through an agenda of “positive discrimination” that I see with, and in, your government

d. Try to curb, if not totally eliminate, corruption from your government and party. The government is corrupt to the brim. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

e. Ensure the equitable share of the national cake

f. Ensure that all those that have falsely availed themselves of judgment debt payments are prosecuted and the money retrieved from them. For example, that of the notorious Alfred Agbesi Woyome. I challenge you to prove me wrong that the NDC party and government did not gang up with Woyome to cheat Ghana of the GHC51.2 Million. I have reliable information that Woyome collected the money for NDC. Before you throw in any challenge, first be aware that Woyome himself has confessed on airwaves that he had not any contract with the government, to start with.

g. President Mahama must from today forward learn to see his critics as his friends because they show him his faults. Once the faults are shown, he must resolve them but not to sit on his lap twirling his fingers waiting on his enemies (those who feed him with false information because of their quest to seek favours in his eyes) to come to tell him differently.

I shall be advising him on how to solve the teeming corruption and problems at the country’s harbours. Telling him is one thing, and he having the balls to deal with the problems is another. Will he have the strength of the biblical Sampson to take the bull by the horns?

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson