Henry Nana Boakye, why he must be given the chance to lead the NPP’S youth front!

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Thu, 21 Dec 2017 Source: Raphael Kumah Abolasom.

As we embark on a crucial journey to getting our national executives elected, the office of the national youth organizer is one key office we should never at any point in the history of our great party try to use for any unnecessary experimentation! When the work needed to be done, we gathered everything, even our last “kobo” was taken along. We were out for action, we were out for total liberation the Ghanaian people.

We made all these commitments because, we had an accessible and inspiring leader in Sammi Awuku! We can’t afford to lower these standards, the more reason why Henry Nana Boakye needs to be supported in every way possible to keep the lights of that office lit.

Don’t get it twisted, there’s a difference between a party official and an appointee of a party working in public office. The party official has the power to “dictate” who should get a job. So if you are a party’s youth and have submitted Cvs upon Cvs, yet you are not even getting call-ups for interviews for jobs which are even “protocol jobs”, yet our political opponents keep getting call-ups, who do you think you should blame?

What else is the use of political power, when as a party official you can’t pull strings for your own youth to secure jobs? The merits of a king are evaluated not by the number of enemies he has killed, but by the number of his own people he has been able to save! Therefore, we need a youth leader whose presence alone inspires confidence and a leader who will be able to push for the teaming youth who are lurking around various offices seeking for employment to be employed! A leader who will always and always remember that, the survival of the party depends on his ability to mobilize, organize and galvanize the youth front any day, anywhere, anytime!

There’s nothing mightier than an idea whose time has come and the idea whose time has come is the idea to have a perfect replacement to consolidate our electoral fortunes and dim the light of our opponents!

We can’t be in power yet continue to be treated as orphans! In Nana B we trust, in Nana B, we will definitely find that solace!

#Possible2gether #Accessible NanaB #PerfectReplacement!

Columnist: Raphael Kumah Abolasom.