Ghana in the hands of H.E Nana Addo as president

Fri, 1 Jun 2018 Source: Enbong al-alim Kunsaari

Revolution and call for change will continue to be in the minds of all Ghanaians since our fervent Desire for change can never be decreased. When Nkrumah preached Africanism and United front development for Africa, he was over thrown while attending to national issues outside Ghana. This is a man whose legacy cannot be matched with any president or head of state that has ruled Ghana.

The good works of leaders following Nkrumah are now being marred by parochial interests and greed by our current leaders. Nkrumah's Africanism is now replaced by nepotism and ethnocentrism. Governments over the years have not focused on leaving legacies but winning hearts of voters and the Nana Addo government is not an exception.

John Mahama as a president saw Ghana to be a country that must strive, shear our abilities like others sheared blood to make Ghana an independent country. But You Mr. President claimed our country Ghana is Rich of several natural resources so we needed not to go that direction. Your promises and frequent address to national issues as an opposition leader won the hearts of Many Ghanaians coupled with your Many times and years of trials to lead this country. We gave you our hearts because you begged to be tested, now the ball is in your court.

First of all, you promised transparent and corruption free government. Is this government a Free and corruption free one? Mr. President, I beg your pardon if you don't know transparency, it is when you make Ghanaians feel we are not loading the packets of your servants. But what are we seeing and hearing, corruption allegations against your appointees her and there. For just less than two years, your government has been besieged with more than five corruption allegations. The BOST. TOR, CASH FOR SEAT SAGA, HON. Agyarko's appointment bribery allegations, 2.5 Eurobond saga, A- plus vs. Chiefs of staff allegation. Is your government transparent when civil servants are sagged to create employment for party members? I think your family and friends are not the only competent Ghanaians to serve as CEOs, Ministers and Justices in your government.

You and the NPP promised the Ghanaian youth massive employment. After you have won the hearts of this youth you turn to blind fold them in the best intelligence of your government. The name of youth employment agency was changed to national entrepreneurship and innovation plan. Since the inception of this plan how many youth have been sponsored to exhibit their creativity? Government has created NABCO as an intervention for graduate unemployment and it comes in the form of extension of the normal national service. To my understanding, the difference between NABCO and the NEIP is the amount received at the end of the month. NABCO is in the position to worsen the potentials of the youth who are graduates. It is a way of wasting money on people who will manage it.

In the run up to the 2016 elections, you promised Ghanaians one district one factory which is laudable for a developing country like ours. Since the taking over of the mantle, many sorts have been cut for the establishment of these factories and have always been in the news but the update on the progress of works in the various factories under construction is not heard of. The 1D1F has now become a daily day dream that it is shamelessly talked about as if real sorts have been cut. The truth shall continue to be in the mind of the economic magician who now sit on the economic throne of Ghana. The 1V1D that is one village one dam policy is a fantasy since it is a clear indication that the NPP did not know Ghanaian population breakdown as they searched to lead the country. Unfortunately Ghana and the villages are entrusted in your hands and now 1V1D is now a talk of the past. It is highly disheartening to know that government is in a haste to change the dynamics of Ghana without knowing that development is systematic and sequential, one thing after the other. Implementing half projects to gain and remain in power is never the solution to the current government but how to approach the Ghanaian people with another ship full of promises.

In education, the NPP and H.E Nana promised free senior high school and training college allowances. Free SHS was launched and hyped by government. Let me be honest with government, I am happier than you because it creates opportunity for people like me to get access to education. However, the cost in the policy, the value of education with this policy and the sustainability of this program are major areas we have to look at. Ghana is a developing country and all developments depend on the little resources we have. If free SHS will cost Ghana 3.6 billion Ghana cedis yearly then we have a serious problem. Free SHS has increased the population of schools and teachers will have to go extra to get a whole class in their pace. Students’ and teachers’ seriousness will eventually decrease since the Ghanaian perception of free goes with waste it. If at the end of the day we don’t produce at least 80% improved human resources, then the policy is waste of money.

Teacher and nursing trainees were happier to hear of allowance. Now the allowance policy has led to the introduction of four year systems in the colleges. This implies that we will have universities everywhere and the core values of the colleges will change. We cannot quit the college system to suit the Interest of government. The colleges are for Ghana and not political parties and their governments.

The government of the day is trying to change the history of Ghana which must not be the case. From flag staff house to Jublee house, from University for professional studies to Opoku Ampomah University of Professional Studies and others yet to come.

It is about time we become real and make the Ghanaian feel easy in the hand of any government through executable projects that will move Ghana forward.

Columnist: Enbong al-alim Kunsaari