The brouhaha over Anas and the Tiger Eye Pi 'Number 12' expose

Sun, 3 Jun 2018 Source: Enbong al-alim kunsaari

It is true that no society will welcome an angel of their own as it is backed by the words of Jesus Christ who was crucified for the sake of the greed, jealousy and envy of people who saw his healing people, delivering people and spreading the gospel of God as bad and a way of taking over their supremacy.

This did not happen to Jesus Christ alone but Mosses who faced pharaoh of Egypt, David who faced Goliath and Noah who faced tribulations from his people who smeared the surrounding of his ark with faecal matter as a way of registering their displeasure and disagreement to the good deeds he was doing: following the commands of God to save his people.

Taking this down to political history, in Africa, many leaders suffered the trauma of doing well and it came from their own people. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Nelson Mandela of South Africa just to mention but a few suffered in the hand of their people.

If these people were granted the peace of their people to go by the adage united we stand, divided we fall, their countries and for that matter Africa would have been the best than the Dubai, UK, China and other foreign countries Africans struggle to go for our holidays, education and medical care.

Corruption in the African continent over the years has become a norm that the youth now believe one's certificates do not speak for the person in seeking jobs and other benefits but one's knowledge on people who occupy positions of influence.

This originates from quotas and privileges for workers in our institutions. These opportunities have created a lot of square pegs in round holes that the efficiency of the African human resources is low hence affecting our natural and capital resources down till date from the first African generation.

Corruption has succeeded in accessing our religious institutions that pastors, imams and fetish priests pray for corrupt officials to be freed when they are captured. Some leaders in these institutions accept various amounts of money and favour to execute their religious duties.

Corruption is the devil, evil and is tantamount to the activities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As an intervention to fight the devil of our time, governments spend the huge amount of money to get people like the undercover journalist Anas to keep people alert that it is not only God that sees the bad things people do in their offices and workplaces.

Anas 2010 harbour expose was highly commended and the truth of corruption was stripped straight in those institutions.

In 2015, the Judge's saga was another area he broke through since it came that the rich must win a case when it comes to court. The judges and lawyers of our time have open mouths that the integrity of the judicial arm of government does not hold the true picture of it as stipulated by the constitution.

His expose led to the laying off of 34 Judges of various courts in Ghana.

This is a big lesson for the current and future judicial arm of government members to learn to protect their integrity and the institution.

Now it is on football and sports not only in Ghana but in other parts of the world. Just last two weeks, Ghana has been awake upon the president’s order to arrest the president of Ghana football association (GFA) after seeing that his name was mentioned by the latter in a video.

Now Kwesi Nyantekyi is under investigation as we await the public show of the number 12 expose. How can the accused be arranged for prosecution when the real video is not shown.

The aim of Anas works is not only to get those guilty punished but to deter others who harbour similar skills of extorting money from investors who come into the country. However, the video is seeming known by all since the impatience of our number one gentleman of the land has depreciated the value of the video expose.

This has led to several allegations and accusations against the ace undercover journalist from people on his method of getting his victims and some claim he also wearing the shoe of corruption.

The outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin North, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is the lead in making these claims to an extent of publicly showing the pictures of the passport of Anas which is not welcoming. Anas and his tiger eye PI group enjoy the privilege of security protection and the leaking of the alleged photos should lead to the arrest of any individual around that plot.

The honourable has made several claims against the ace journalist and it should be in the interest of the government to seek clarity from the MP on the authenticity of his claims since Anas works for the government but not himself.

The Hon to the best of my knowledge is just plotting against Anas because he feels some names against his favour might be found in the video. He mentioned a number of discoveries of Anas that were snubbed during the time of the NDC government and he the Honorable has them.

It will be in the best interest of Ghanaians to have a glimpse of such videos. The Ghanaian people cannot be taken for granted because we all know the voice of the Hon MP that he cannot sleep with such a discovery against the NDC especially John Mahama.

Hon, to beg your pardon, if you claim Anas is sleeping with the late J.B Danquah’s wife, what does it have to do with fighting corruption in Ghana and Anas being corrupt?

If Anas owes properties or whatever, does his being a journalist prevent him from owning such properties?

Another claim from Dema Naa of Tamale, Mohammed Hafiz Abdullah, claims Anas extorted $50,000 from him to stop revealing his corruption scandal. In a country where the constitution speaks for the people, such a person must be invited to answer questions since he indirectly reported himself but I am surprised the CID is not deplored to bring such a person to book but rather they are deployed to prevent people from standing the truth.

The chief has publicly stated that he is corrupt though he wanted to paint Anas black in that scene, both accused and accuser must be questioned.

In my opinion, the government is giving people the go-ahead to attack Anas, tiger eye PI and his family since it allows people to go scot-free for false-fully spreading the pictures of Anas and his team.

The government of the day and Ghanaians have to stand any individual who has personal feelings against the works of Anas and his team as such their protection must be our top priority.

Columnist: Enbong al-alim kunsaari

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