History Is Very Kind To President Kufuor

Thu, 27 Oct 2011 Source: Akoto, Akwasi A. Afrifa

The P-ndc, as we all know, was not only interested in lying its way to power. They were equally interested in destroying Kufuor's legacy along the way. They painted a picture of Kufuor depicting him as presiding over a den of corruption leading to and in the immediate aftermath of the elections. With a manifesto promise to persecute and prosecute NPP officials, many a Ghanaian helplessly bought into the lies - not many can withstand P-ndc propaganda machinery. But with each passing year and with each passing court case, history continues to smile upon Kufuor.

About two months ago, government dropped its corruption case against Ghana's own Lewis and Clark, our modern day Tetteh Quarshies, Edusei and Owusu of EO Group, the discovers of our oil. And now come the news that the case against Mpiani and Wrekko-Brobbey of Ghana@50 Fame, has been indefinitely suspended. It has taken government three years, two Attorneys General and millions of tax payers money to arrive at these conclusions.

President Kufuor, as we are all aware, is enjoying his post-presidency life in relative serenity and with respect unprecedented in the history of the country-the first ever and the third of his predecessors, exiled; the second, fourth and the fifth killed, the sixth died a pauper and the last, "still raging mad" the world over,discarded by the very party he founded.

On the other hand, two and half years since he handed over power, Kufuor has won numerous prestigious awards including the World Food Prize. And he recently established his foundation; an endeavor that has taken his predecessor ten years and counting to begin and to no avail. Kufuor has been vindicated by history so much so that his nemesis, the PNDC Chairman, gladly and hurriedly honored an invitation to co-chair the former's foundation. These days, Ghanaians have been yearning for the days of Kufuor so much so that, his successor, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is now "the most famous politician" in the country. But we are very happy the country is now waking up to a fact already known and cherished by many of us: that President Kufuor is the best president yet of the 4th Republic. This fact is now indisputable in light of the latest legacy -defining court developments.

In the Wikileaks, candidate Mills revealed that he 'd not be pressured by the hawks in his party into prosecuting NPP officials when voted into power. Let us give President Mills the benefit of the doubt and presume that he, unwilling, succumbed to the hawks. Now, we know that the chief hawk is no more. He was silenced at Sunyani. We therefore call on President Mills to drop the witch hunt against all the officials of the NPP and put an end to the tarnishment of Kufuor's legacy.

This year alone, Ghana has so far earned $1.97 billion, from crude oil exports. Without the foresight and fortitude of Kufuor, this wouldn't have been possible. President Kufuor deserves to live the rest of his days in peace. He's earned his peace.

Akwasi A Afrifa Akoto

Columnist: Akoto, Akwasi A. Afrifa