Homosexuality seen in the light of bestiality

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 Source: Imoro, Issah

Today, as I went online to check on the latest news feeds, I stumbled upon a publication entitled ''Man confesses to Police for having sex with pigs'. At first I just laughed with the feeling that it was just one of those strange happenings in today's world. Then I read the report about the 25 year jail sentence slapped on the 'Gay Dr. Ali Gabass' with media reports saying the judge referred to the charge of 'unnatural carnal knowledge' as bad in law.

I do not have the legal competence of the Judge who sat on the case of Dr. Ali Gabass neither do I have that of the Supreme Court Justices of the United States. Likewise, I am not a Psychologist so do not expect to read the stages of development and how homosexuality deviates from what is natural. By using the former report of zoophilia and posing relevant questions , I only intend to discuss the flawed reasoning by those who view homosexuality as natural and permissible.

They have struggled to expunge homosexuality as an unnatural act from their dictionaries but have failed woefully to do same in the minds of people.

We ask them; what is their criteria for categorizing the sexual behaviour of humans as normal/natural or abnormal/unnatural? Why is it also not natural/normal for those who have sex with pigs and other animals? I have heard some of them say zoophilia is abhorred because it constitutes harming the animal and that the animal cannot consent as in the case of homosexuals. Based on their logic, we then wonder why they have not passed a law banning the killing and eating of animals. Which animal has ever consented to be slaughtered and eaten? What kind of torture could you possibly do to an animal than kill eat for food? Is it the case that they are deliberately reserving Zoophilia/Bestiality for their descendants to legalize it as a natural sexual behaviour years to come?

In a world where most of those who legalize homosexuality disagree with us on the existence of God and hence defy His sacred orders just as in the case of homosexuality, we would expect that they agree atleast with us on a common principle which will ensure perfect order and survival. What law/statute could be better than the principle of abandoning whatever is harmful to the doer and further has the tendency to harm others? How can there be continuity and survival on this planet if all humans were to agree with their arguments and chose to be homosexuals? Would they resort to artificial fertilization procedures to replace the perfect natural system?

Indeed, such a procedure will be unnatural and will fail to replace the perfectly natural system no matter how they plan. What they actually see as liberation of thought and freedom for everyone is rather a caveat for actions that are not proper and will only end up leading the future youthful generation into destruction.

We seek for God's guidance.

Dr. Issah Imoro


Columnist: Imoro, Issah