Thu, 7 Mar 2013 Source: Mensah, Richard Obeng

Ama Ghana: Kofi, Ghana our motherland is 56 years old hurray!

Kofi Ghana: That is so Ama but I am deeply confused.

Ama Ghana: Why are you confused?

Kofi Ghana: because I have been thinking about Ghana.

Ama Ghana: That is good of you, Kofi. I know you’re very patriotic but what really is the problem?

Kofi Ghana: It is not really a problem; it is a challenge – dishonesty is taking root in Ghana.

Ama Ghana: Dishonesty?

Kofi Ghana: Yes-and-yes!

Kofi Ghana: What do you think is the most important development need of Ghana?

Ama Ghana: Selfless and visionary leaders.

Kofi Ghana: That is so Ama but it is a half truth.

Ama Ghana: Tell me you’re kidding Kofi.

Kofi Ghana: I am serious, Ama.

Ama Ghana: What then is the answer?

Kofi Ghana: Ghana is in dire need of the virtue of honesty more than anything you can think of.

Leadership is central to development and growth of any nation but real leaders are

rare. The hallmark of real leaders is honesty.

Ama Ghana: Kofi you’re right. Take for instance, the issue of the 2013 State of Nation Address

our President delivered in Parliament recently. Even our Parliamentarians are divided about it. Some of them later held a press conference on what they term the

True State of Nation Address. If all that the President told us is false, then that is really serious. And it is also highly mischievous if the True State of Nation Address

was just a political gimmick. Who is telling the truth? Kofi, I am equally confused!

Kofi Ghana: Ama that is just one of the many instances. Think about the debates on the energy and water crises; the issue about subsidies on fuel products; and the apathy of the ordinary Ghanaian. More bizarre is the so-called fair comments about the election petition before the Supreme Court. I wonder when it became a political gala!

Ama Ghana: Honesty is increasingly disappearing in the Ghanaian society. We are not honest to

one another. We just smile to each other but we don’t really mean it. What we say in public is directly opposite what we do in private. There is so much hypocrisy and selfishness in our society. Sadly, most of our institutions are full of dishonesty.

Kofi Ghana: We need to face this truth and decisively deal with it. Firstly, Ghana’s interest must

be paramount in all our personal and collective dealings. Secondly, our laws must

be respected by all and sundry. The gross indiscipline in our society must stop!

Richard Obeng Mensah, author of If You Think of Your Opposition You Lose Your Position. Email: richardobengmensah@gmail.com Blog: www.richard-obeng-mensah.blogspot.com

Columnist: Mensah, Richard Obeng