What is the purpose of Multimedia's special assignment?

Sat, 6 Oct 2018 Source: Dr. Donald Agumenu

The history of Ghana cannot be overwritten either can it be distorted to favour a few.

The new special project by Multimedia, dubbed - "Special Assignment " is truly a special assignment!.

The question is, what is the underlining reason for this assignment? Is it in the interest of national security, peace and cohesion?. Will this project presupposes that the National Reconciliation Commission under Mr Kuffour's regime failed to achieve its purpose after spending millions of cedis at the expense of the Ghanaian tax payer? Who is funding this special assignment at this particular moment? Shall we call it mission aborted?

Wait a minute. Why can't we spend our time, money and national resource in investigating and uncovering the brutal and sophisticated killing of Yaanaa Yakubu Andani ll for which not a single soul has been held accountable to date?

Don't get me wrong . I'm a strong advocate of rule of law, Justice and truth. A core believer of fundamental human rights. However, I don't endorse machinations at the detriment of truth and social values. The quest for Justice is not wrong after all but any attempt to unravel the "truth" should not be cleverly engineered to distort the peace we've enjoyed for all these years and leave confusion in the minds of a new generation of Ghanaians who are not privy to the real truth.

I may not be a lawyer or a security expert but my common sense tells me, contents of this nature must have had some level of thorough preparations and security approvals before it is broadcasted for public consumption.

For the sake of supreme national security interest, utmost care must be taken in our seal to provoke discussions around topics of this nature which is sentimental.

Columnist: Dr. Donald Agumenu