How A Ghanaian Patriot Saved The 31st December Revolution

Thu, 28 Apr 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

How A Ghanaian Patriot Saved The 31st December Revolution in 1983

Michael Agbotui Sousoudis was arrested in Springfield, Virginia, U.S.A for passing C.I.A classified information to the Ghana Government which was the erstwhile PNDC with Rawlings as the Chairman. His girl friend, Miss Sharon Scranage, a former C.I.A employee at the U.S Embassy in Accra, Ghana in 1983 had passed on information about DISSIDENT plans to violently overthrow the PNDC government with the full support of the United States. Further information was collected by the C.I.A Agents on Ghana’s military organization. Dear reader, it will be recalled that the same United States bribed the late Major Afrifa and Gen. Kotoka with 13 million US dollars and supported them to violently overthrow the late Dr.Kwame Nkrumah’s CPP government in 24th Feb. 1966 where rivers of blood flowed freely into the streets of Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Sunyani, Tema, Cape Coast and what have you. Those civilians behind that shameful coup de’tat were Dr. K.A Busia whose UP tradition is represented by the NPP today 2011. The C.I.A plot to assist Ghanaians dissidents to overthrow the PNDC government violently became public in 1985 when Miss Scarage, after returning to the United States broke down under A LIE DETECTOR during a DEBRIEFING SESSION ON C.I.A ACTIVITIES IN AFRICA. The said information passed on to Sousoudis by Miss Scarage included the identities of five (5) C.I.A employees in Ghana, and eleven (11) Ghanaians supplying INFORMATION to the Agency, Four Ghanaians were arrested and tried by the National Public Tribunal and found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage. They were sentenced to various terms of imprisonments. The Ghana Government and the U.S Government therefore plunged into negotiations to swap prisoners , As a Senior Cadre, I am reminding fellow NDC members to know where the NDC as a party is coming from. Under American Law, information about a threat to overthrow a fellow UN Member is regarded as a U.S government secret, so it was therefore illegal for Sousoudis to posses such information. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by the United States government. It will be recalled that a former US Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Mahoney was very active in organizing the bloody coup de’tat that overthrew Dr. Kwame Nkrumah , and it was the same Agency that brutally killed the late Patrice Lumumba, the elected President of Congo in February 1961 and his body was chopped into pieces and dumped into a pit where ACID was poured on his mortal remains. He was replaced by Col. Mobutu Seseseko an ally of the West to enable Europeans to steal the gold, iron, copper, diamonds and cobalt for manufacturing mobile phones. As if that was not enough, Comrade Salvador Allende of Chile was also overthrown and murdered and his revolutionary cadres were tied on street light poles and shot dead-This would have taken place in Ghana and ALL P.D.C members including this writer would not have lived to tell our stories today 2011, but because the 31st December Revolution was launched by an Honest No Nonsense Leader like J. J Rawlings in 1981, God blessed him and his team of radical patriots to rebuild Ghana after surviving over 25 coup attempts from 1982-1992. The United States could not infiltrate the Republic of Cuba for 30 years and as a result of that they imposed an extremely TOUGH SANCTIONS ON CUBA but Castro’s Cuba is still RIDING HIGH. Finally, on November 23rd 1985, Eight (8) Ghanaians including those four (4) men sentenced by the National Public Tribunal were conveyed under HEAVY ARMED POLICE GUARD across the Ghana-Togo Border after having being STRIPPED of their Ghanaian citizenship and EXPELLED from Ghana for Good. The PNDC rightly exchanged one Ghanaian Patriot called Michael Sousoudis with twelve (12) Ghanaian traitors who were being paid by the American C.I.A to overthrow the PNDC in 1983 and this explains why Rawlings told us while inaugurating the W.D.C’s of the then Ashanti Goldfields Company in 1982, that, and I quote, “I will shed my blood and die for one Honest and Patriotic Ghanaian but I will NOT die for a thousand fools”. But for him, we found that those thousands fools were all in the AGC as we started to defend innocent workers, the AGC W.D.C’s could NOT work at all because the top management of AGC DID NOT LIKE THE P.D.C IDEA because AGC was a Nation within a Nation since military equipment-Arms , Grenades, Ammunition, Short and Long Range Missiles were channeled through A.G.C in 1966 and the containers were boldly marked “MINING EQUIPMENT” which were used to overthrow Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on 24th Feb. 1966, so immediately after the 1966 coup, the Late General Spears who was the then General Mines Manager of AGC told British and American investors in an interview with the BBC that Ghana was Now Safe For Investment. Were they here to mine Gold or to dabble in Ghana politics? All those who are falling over each other to destroy the cadres in the NDC must Rethink and stop their character assassinations because the NDC has come a long way. America will meet her David one fine day. By stripping 12 Ghanaians of their citizenships for becoming CIA Agents during PNDC era it means 1 NDC man is equal to 12 members of the NPP and so you must be proud to be an NDC member. I am done. ALUTA CONTINUA!

“Jaanbie Iwaii”





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement