The Contrast - a short prose on skin bleaching

Skin Bleaching Black Is Beautiful Full Accept the fact that black is also a color

Mon, 11 Sep 2017 Source: Appiah Adjei Twum

As slow as snail, the loading link was completed and as I glanced through the series of tantalizing pictures, I saw her status. It looked different from the others as if I was pie-eyed. Who would've thought I'd sink so low to gaze at her photo. But I rather froze into ice then put in glass of water like a solute as I still stared at her status.

She was dressed up to the nines, and not even a hair was out of place which will easily drive every man to bear his heart to her when he meets her in person. Screenshot was the only option left to tranquilize my curiosity.

As I pressed the power and the volume down buttons, I felt a warm tap at my right shoulder, but ignored to carry on with my mission of no retreat no surrender thinking it was just the refreshing zephyr wanting to concord my action; and possibly melt me to make a solution.

I felt the tap again, but this time, it was so real like a human palm. Then I heard a low key whispering at my back, "Sly, why are you taking a screenshot of my status? Take my phone and copy whatever you want to have; including my recent pictures."

Within a twinkle of an eye, I melted to a hundred degrees boiling water which is about to sublime into the air as I turned my neck to see the lady who said that. My eyes caught up with hers and for a moment I couldn't feel that my heart was beating. My pulses stopped and blood couldn't find passage through my veins.

Hurriedly, I looked back at the picture to confirm the similarity between the lady in the picture and the person standing behind me. Oh yes! The genetic looks matched perfectly, it was her. But something was off; a dark and lovely girl in the picture taken one year ago now looked as fair as a Chinese doll in person.

A lot of questions popped up my mind as tears flowed down my cheek which I was even shy to unveil to her; "What have you done to your face?", "What could possibly be the reason for you to cause this damage to your body?", "Why don't you appreciate what God has given you?", "Which one is your real face, the one I can touch or the one in the mirror?" I said to myself. She got embarrassed and wept bitterly knowing what I was thinking of her. But it was too late; the damage was done already.

Accept the fact that Black Is Also A Color.

Be Proud If That's What Kisses Your Skin.


Writer: @slydosted

Model: @danyy_ella__

Photo: @ohene_kay_photography

Light: @iam.nuel

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Columnist: Appiah Adjei Twum