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How Ghanaian leaders are unconsciously taking Ghana back into foreign domination and slavery by the Chinese

Some Of The Timber Salvaged From The Volta Lake Concession Several illegal activities are carried out across the country

Sat, 24 Apr 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

Our forefathers, notably among them whom were Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Dr Joseph Boakye Danquah, Ebenezer Ako-Adjei, Edward Akufo-Addo, Emmanuel Odarkwei Obetsebi-Lamptey and William Ofori Atta, fought tirelessly on their sweat and blood to secure Ghana, then Gold Coast, political, if not political-cum-economic, independence, from the British colonialists. They had a vision to liberate Ghanaians from foreign strangulating dominance and slavery. They wanted black men to manage their own affairs.

What do we see today, sixty-four years down the line of Ghana’s political independence? Have we been able to live up to the struggles and expectations of the BIG SIX whose names I have just mentioned above? No!

Our current crop of leaders by their insatiable greed for wealth achieved overnight, lack of farsightedness, blinded by their selfishness and absurd infatuation with corruption, has taken us deep inside the sphere of indirect foreign domination and slavery by the Chinese. The leaders’ actions have been facilitated and enhanced by the quest of many a Ghanaian to acquire freebies without wiping off any sweat from their forehead.

Ghanaians as a whole are to be blamed for the looming doom staring us in the face and about to engulf us similarly as a ship is swallowed up to never be seen again when it mistakenly sails into the epicentre of the Bermuda Triangle.

Ghanaian leaders since the fourth republic, have easily allowed themselves to be baited by the Chinese soft loans. However, nothing comes free but at a price. The Chinese have capitalised on the weakness, short-sightedness and love of corruption by the Ghanaian leaders to set a strong foothold in Ghana with the ultimate intention to enslave Ghanaians by repossessing Ghana.

The Chinese are in Ghana in their overwhelmingly alarming numbers. They are blatantly disrespecting the laws of the land to engage in illegal activities like surface mining, alluvial mining (galamsey) and purposeful deforestation of the nation’s virgin forests. By their fearless involvement in galamsey activities, they have ended up destroying most of the nation’s water bodies, fertile and arable farmlands as well as polluting the air.

For how long are we going to sit on our lap mute and dumb, watching in nonchalance while our current myopic and corrupt political and traditional leaders allow the Chinese who naturally are too racist toward the black man, take over the country to make us slaves in our own land?

Have some Chinese not shot dead some Ghanaians in Ghana, with impunity? Had some Chinese not continued to do galamsey when President Nana Akufo-Addo had ordered the stoppage of illegal galamsey activities in Ghana? Was Aisha Huang, a Chinese woman, not snubbed the president to continue to do galamsey by threatening to publish nude pictures of some Ghanaian government Ministers caught on video bonking squinted-eye Chinese women? Did she not do as threatened? Was her threat not designed to silence the government so that she could carry on doing her illegal activities without fear of anyone?

Was another Chinese woman not cutting down the precious rosewood in the northern part of Ghana for export to China when a ban had been placed on their illegal felling?

The Chinese have got an agenda to destroy Ghana to finally own it as they had done to Zambia.

All that Captain Smart is saying in the underlying video cannot be far from the truth. They are all indisputably the gospel truth.

Covid-19 is known to have started in China. Whether the actual origin of the disease is China or not, all that the world evidently knows is that the virus started in China, then spread across the whole world. There is the conspiracy theory that the virus was manufactured in the United States of America. Where it was manufactured for whatever reason is to me irrelevant, but where it started from to spread like the mid-summer or harmattan bushfire across the world. And that place is CHINA!

To confirm the Chinese agenda against Ghana as explicitly explained by Captain Smart, let us have a look at the Chinese reaction to Covid-19. Chinese were the only country mass-producing face masks during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). All countries relied on them for the provision or supply and purchase of face masks. At the moment, all the Home Test kits for Covid-19 as are found in the United Kingdom (Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland) are produced in China. They are making a big business out of Covid-19.

If they could use Covid-19 to shake the world to its very economic foundations to compel the whole world to rely on them for eradicating the killer disease, will it not be easier for them to control Ghana in the manner as explained by Captain Smart?

The youth of Ghana must rise up to fight for their future before the leaders sell us for pittance to the wicked Chinese who do not respect human life and the environment.

The current political system is making it easier for the China to own and control Ghana. As a visionary leader sees the importance of water as life, arable and fertile land as source of human sustainability on earth, virgin forest as source of oxygen, rainfall and absorption of carbon dioxide hence support for human life, a non-visionary leader like John Dramani Mahama sees their destruction as a means to making quick money for himself and his bunch of partisan charlatans.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo