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How Kufour became a " Northernor" in an Asante Party

How Kufour became a " Northernor" in an Asante Party

Fri, 11 Apr 2014 Source: aaaakoto@yahoo.com


According to P-ndc propaganda, adopted from CPP ( one ) and modified, the NPP is, generally, an Akan Party and particularly, an Asante Party. What this means is that if one is not an Asante, then one has no place in the party, especially more so when one is not an Akan.

And that, the propaganda continues, the Asante, or by extension, the Akan, if he were to seize power, would do his utmost best to deny the non- Asante, the non-Akan, the Northerner and the Ewe - even in his own party - his rightful place in Ghana, politically, economically and socially.

The P-ndc have been so successful with this propaganda- wining four of six elections with eight of ten regions - so much so, that many in the the NPP are beginning to or already believe it as if it were a fact. In this vein, some in the NPP have adopted this formulae in their quest to hang on to and control the party.

And it goes like this: if you vote for anyone who is perceived to be in Kufuor's camp, who also happens to be an Asante, you deny the chances of the non Asante now and in the future.

As such, opinion writers, sympathizers, delegates, MPs, ordinary members, constituency executives, and all advocating for the status quo, for Sir John and Jake to be retained; or conversly, calling on delegates to reject Afoko or Kwabena Agyapong, are doing so, solely based on the adopted propaganda. "Vote Afoko and you deny Bawumia the chance to become a future flagbearer- just as Afoko denied Aliu" and "a vote for Agyapong denies Nana Addo his presidency", have become the magic formula.

In other words, Afoko, though a northerner, didnt support Aliu, a fellow northerner, in his quest to become the party flagbearer and potential president in 2008. Rather, Afoko choose to support Alan. Thus Afoko as chairman will once again betray a northerner, in the person of Bawumia, when the time comes and opt for a southerner, an Asante. Afoko has therefore sold his soul to the devil, so to speak.

The same goes for Agyapong. Kwabena Agyapong, a one time campaign manager for Nana Addo, a one time press secretary for Kufuor and a one time flagbearer hopeful had twice made the grave "mistake" by endorsing Kufuor's supposed darling boy, Alan, instead of Nana. As a result, Agyapong as general secretary, would use any means necessary to make sure Nana never becomes our next flagbearer.

And if by chance, Nana were to win the flagbearership under the chairmanship and general secretary-ship of Afoko and Agyapong, respectively, the two would do anything, under Kufuor's tutelage, to deny Nana the presidency in 2016, in order to prepare their favorite for 2020.

Further more - and the plot thickens-if Nana, in spite of Afoko-Agyapong machinations, succeeds in wining the presidency, the two would then make sure, that Bawumia never becomes the next flagbearer.

Somehow, these P-ndc trained NPP propagandists want the faithful ( and have succeeded partially ) to believe that Kufuor has been a major factor in the double defeat of Nana Addo. They claim, among other factors, that Kufuor did not help Nana during the two campaigns ( what kind of help, financially, emotionally, politically, spiritually, we are yet to know ).

In other words, had President Kufuor given his all, the NPP would have been in power already. This, in turn, makes all "Kufuor boys" less commited and less dedicated to Nana.

But there is only one question i want to ask these P-ndc trained NPP propagandists, that if Kufuor really, really wants to deny Nana the presidency and has succeded twice, already, what makes them think Nana is going to win this time around?

Are they going to suggest to Nana to form an alliance with John Dramani Mahama? Someone, kindly remind these P-ndc trained NPP propandists to change tune, and on their knees, render an apology to the peerles, the incomparable and the factionless Kufour for their own selfish deeds and ends- and then beg him to come take charge of the party regardless of who becomes the next chairman, general secretary or flagbearer.

For all we know, they really might p*** off the old man this time around and the ol'man might truly do what he has already been accused of since - before - he left office.


To these P-ndc trained NPP progandists, Kufuor is more worse than the PNDC Chairman!

Columnist: aaaakoto@yahoo.com