How Sir John Met His Waterloo

Sun, 8 Sep 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

How The Untouchable And Powerful Sir, John Met His Waterloo 14th August 2013.

Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, a foul mouthed bail lawyer for 32good years, who also doubles as the General Secretary of the Negative People’s Party (NPP) needs no introduction because he has finally scored the First Goal for bad mouthing the 9member Supreme Court panelists when he asked the relatives of the judges hearing the Election Petition sent by the NPP to plan the FUNERALS OF THE JUDGES. He said that with the indirect support of the entire NPP leadership in his capacity as the “untouchable”, “Brave”, and “Powerful” General Secretary of the Opposition NPP. The NPP members always portray themselves FALSELY that they are the pillars of democracy and Law and order, defenders of the law, but when it comes to breaking the same law with impunity – they are always the first to break it. Sir John accused President Mahama of being a THIEF and told Ghanaians that NDC is looking for a Re-Run in the 2012 elections. The NDC is already the ruling government and President Mahama’s demeanour alone will win him the elections in 2016 and he will hand over power to another NDC presidential candidate in 2021 only after his 8 year term has expired. The NDC is not panicking at all because its legal team have enough evidence to convince the Supreme Court Justices to throw out the time wasting petition of the NPP. Owusu Afriyie a.k.a Sir. John has a cunning way of TWISTING FACTS in the ongoing Supreme Court challenge to the results of 2012 Presidential Election just to keep the DASHED HOPES of the NPP base alive in Ghana and abroad. Mr. Sammy Awuku who was cautioned and banned from going to the Supreme Court to watch proceedings was also behaving the same way. The NPP General Secretary has performed this negative task very well to the extent that he failed to take into account the final touchline warning issued by the Supreme Court to all those who comment on the petition because he felt he is more powerful than the Supreme Court, and that the NPP is bigger than Ghana and the Supreme Court and that he is Untouchable.

Sir John has now become the Un-opposed member of Hall of Fame in Gutter Talk since Ghana’s independence in 1957. However, this is not a good title to be conferred on any cultured and disciplined Ghanaian except characters like the NPP General Secretary who has been and is still a big liability to the NPP in general. Infact, the position of General Secretary of the NPP makes him a wielder of enormous power and the bearer of a political clout that can cow all dissenting voices into submission. Sir. John and Kennedy Agyepong are on record for tearing Mr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan’s reputation into tatters and had wished that God would kill the Electoral Commissioner for “stealing” the elections for President Mahama even though the petition case was yet to be determed by the Supreme Court. He has on numerous occasions taken on President Mahama and tongue lashed him just because of Election 2012, countless other instances of loose talk by Owusu Afriyie a.k.a Sir. John can be recalled to prove that he considers himself as an “Untouchable” and “Powerful” man who is above the Law, and Bigger Than Ghana and the Supreme Court.

This has now brought him Face to Face with FATE and no where else but the very VENUE where the essence of Law is on DISPLAY. He did whatever he like including tempting FATE.

Sir. John finally succeeded in tempting FATE in line with the violent, tribal and inhuman ideas of the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2013. We can not allow the NPP headcutters to set Ghana ablaze just because their Presidential candidate and tribal warlord on war path have lost the election which were free, fair and transparent while they talk as if the whole world belong to them.


When the long Arms of the Law finally caught this foulmouthed powerful and untouchable Sir. John, General Secretary of the violent prone NPP, he stood like an Egyptian Mummy in court on 14th Aug. 2013 charged with criminal contempt of court together with Hopeson Adorye – the NDC head cutter who also stood in court like a drunken ball. Now, for the 32 years of being at the bar, as a bail lawyer, Sir. John did not know that some men are more powerful than others because of their status in society. He never know that some men are higher than others, and never knew that even some women can be higher than men forgetting that the Chief Justice is higher than all the male lawyers including himself (Sir. John) in Ghana’s Judiciary, and she is a respected woman in High Office. Well, when you put a uniform on a goat, it will behave strangely therefore, Sir. John never believed that he could be elected as the General Secretary of the NPP. So when he was duely elected just as J.A. Kufour was elected as the President of Ghana by default in 2001, he used that position and attempted several times to assassinate former President Rawlings, and jail Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings while destroying the great NDC by jailing innocent former ministers of the NDC who worked under Rawlings through the manipulation of the Judiciary. He however failed to kill Rawlings, he also failed to jail his wife but succeeded in jailing some former NDC ministers who worked under Rawlings through the wrong application of the law between 2001 – 2008. NDC members also have RED SALIVA IN THEIR MOUTHS AS WELL. It will be recalled that Nana Akuffo Addo, the failed presidential candidate of the NPP and the tribal warlord on war path did not show up at in the Supreme Court because his mischievous bloody agenda to set Ghana ablaze and flee the country if he lose the case at the court had been revealed and made public by Sir. John and Hopeson Adorye of the NPP. These two things or human beasts in the NPP have been showered with praises whenever they go on radio until they were baptized with civility to be Humble and Civil and further advised that they are not greater than Ghana by the court and for that matter, all politicians in Ghana, since it doesn’t anger well for the country. For their rewards, Sir John was fined GH¢5,000 and Hopeson Adorye was also fined GH¢2,000 totaling GH¢7,000 which was promptly paid barely one hour after the fines were imposed on them because the court took into consideration the nation’s attempt towards peace building led by the National Peace Council as Ghanaians awaited the court’s final judgment on who should become the validly elected President of Ghana. Truth be told , Nana Akuffo Addo cannot pass through the BACKDOOR to become Ghana’s President by rushing to the Supreme Court, where his General Secretary could threaten and intimidate the judges with death to enable them give judgment in favour of the NPP. Tofiakwa- One Hundred Times. It can’t happen because the Legal Team of the NDC have enough evidence to convince the court to throw out the NPP time waisting petition once and for all. So far 4 foul mouthed members of the NPP namely Sir. John, Sammy Awuku, Ken Koranchie and Hopeson Adorye have been citied for contempt at the court while only one NDC member in the person of Stephen Atubiga, so who is creating tension in Ghana? Is it not the NPP, if not why should NPP members hold a vigil in support of a man who is trying to set Ghana ablaze?


A nation’s resources go into the custody of politicians or any group of leaders and they could be the Military as Ghana had once experienced that before.

These leaders are empowered to manage and take care of the state resources.

It does not become their property by virtue of the office they occupy as we all saw what the NPP did with Ghana’s resources from 2001 – 2008. No country can recklessly plunge huge sums of money into projects which are not allowed to earn and repay themselves simply because a new group had assumed political power – but the NPP under Kufour did worse things and Ghanaians watched in dismay as that government withdrew an amount of ¢234,943,000 in cash from the Ghana Commercial Bank High street and failed to account for ¢68,021,375 of the amount and no questions were asked under the Ministry of Trade, Industry Private Sector Development and Presidential Special Initiatives withdrew when Nana Akuffo Addo was the then Foreign Minister, an amount of S1,446.396 cash was withdrawn from the Ministry’s Special Collection Accountants without the knowledge of the Controller And Accountant General – No questions were asked. Contrary to financial regulations, ¢3.539.254,000 was deviated from the Ministry of Trade Private Sector Development and President Special initiatives to the Ghana Trade Fair Company No questions were asked.

The same Ministry took monies accounting to ¢995,398,812 with the claim that the money was used to buy clothes to promote the so-called National Friday wear programmes and that the clothes were distributed for free but there was NO EVIDENCE of the persons or organizations that were given these garments since there was NO DISTRIBUTION LIST AT ALL – NO questions were asked .

Under the Ministry of Transportation where Richard Anane was the then Minister, the Department of Urban Roads in Kumasi failed to present for Audit, vouchers for payments totaling 13 billion Cedis that they claim they had paid to contractors. The propriety of the payments could therefore NOT BE ASCERTAINED. No questions were asked. Yet again, under the same Richard Anane, a contract amounting to ¢10.9billion was varied to ¢12.78billion without going through the Central Tender Board and Ghana lost ¢1.82 billion. No questions were asked.

Further more, under Richard Anane, The Ghana High Ways Authority in Accra paid mobilization allowances amounted to 13 billion Cedis to various Ghanaians to under take jobs for the Government which were not done contrary to the rules, they had not been recovered as at the end of December 2005 and even to date 2013 simply because Hon. Richard Anane is President Kufour’s nephew and so he is untouchable just like Sir. John who claimed that he was powerful and untouchable only to be TOUCHED and HUMBLED BY THE SUPREME COURT which DECORATED HIM WITH A GH¢5,000 FINE FOR CRIMINAL CONTEMPT BEFORE HE GOT TO KNOW that Ghana is NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE NPP. These are the bunch of professional political criminals leading the Asante/Akyem NPP who want to win power through the BACK DOOR by using the Supreme Court for 8months and claiming that the EC rigged the elections in favour of President Maham. To the NPP, I say what is coming, is coming and what would happen would happen come 29th August 2013, Victory would go to the NDC because the Legal team of the NDC have abundant credible evidence that will convince the Supreme Court to rule in favour of the NDC and then throw out the NPP Petition with the contempt it deserves, so the NPP can Go to Hell. Is anybody Listening? I am done, “Jaanbie Iwaii” - “Aluta Continua!








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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement